A Guide to Homemade FM Radio Antenna for All the Radio Lovers

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Homemade FM Radio Antenna

Listening to the radio is a favorite pastime for many, besides the millions of others who love to have some music on, no matter what they are doing the whole day long. Sometimes, there might be interruptions while broadcasting radio programs. In order to avoid such interruptions, learn how to make a homemade FM radio antenna all by yourself.

Antennas are devices that receive electromagnetic waves and convert them into electrical currents and vice versa. This is a very old device, as the use of antennas dates back to the latter half of the nineteenth century.

Scientists like Thomas Edison and Heinrich Hertz have used antennas for scientific activities during this period. Antennas are widely used in information systems such as the radio, television, wireless local area network, and radar systems.

Let’s start with the concept of FM technology. FM is the abbreviation for frequency modulation. The father of this broadcasting technology is Edwin Howard Armstrong (1890 – 1954). FM technology aims at transmitting superior quality sound to the listeners of FM radio stations.

Some of the small-scale applications of FM technology include FM transmitters, wherein the transmission of a signal from an audio device is done to an FM radio receiver. FM microphones are another example of the application of the FM broadcast band.

Making a FM radio antenna at home is not a very difficult task. With the proper understanding of the procedure and all tools at hand, you can perfectly do this work by yourself. That is exactly what we are going to have a look at now.

Making a Radio Antenna

Material Required

  • Three meter long wire
  • An antenna
  • Insulating tape
  • Radio lead wiring

Steps Involved

  • Before starting with the actual installation process, remember that higher the frequency of the FM channel, shorter should be the length of the wire. Suppose the FM channel is between the frequency of 87 – 90, the length of your wire should be around 3 – 3.5 meters.
  • The first step is to cut the wire into two parts and remove the insulation from the both the ends of the wire.
  • Now prepare a frame for the wires in order to hold the antenna, and see that the length of the main arm of your antenna is large enough to support the wires.
  • Then move the wires along with the main support of the frame so as to form a loop. Solder the wires at the place where the support arm ends, and cap the joined ends with the help of an insulating tape.
  • Take care you do not join the wires at the bottom of the loop.
  • Now cut and remove the insulation of a radio lead wiring and solder to the ends where the wires are open, and cap it with the help of an insulation tape.
  • The last step is to just connect the radio and the antenna lead. Do this by plugging the antenna lead into the radio.

Now you must have realized how easy it is to make a FM radio antenna. Moreover, by doing it yourself, you are not only saving the installation cost, but also learning something new. This could also help you in guiding your friends and relatives in this regard.

One disadvantage associated with this is that the frequency of your homemade FM radio antenna is going to get disturbed on account of external interference from other radio stations in the vicinity, or devices such as pagers and walkie-talkies. However, the excellent sound quality that FM provides makes it the most preferred technology amongst all radio lovers.

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