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Hilarious Google Bombs That Still Work

Hilarious Google Bombs That Still Work

Omnipresent, omniscient, and omnicompetent, Google is one of an omnivore, err, not really, it went with the flow. You cannot controvert Google's humongous database. However, by virtue of its blinding amount of info, it has also gained infamy for a number of bloopers. In this Buzzle article, we share some hilarious and embarrassing Google bombs that still work.
Sai Kardile
Prodigious information yet so many pratfalls!
Over 40,000 mortals ask for Google's help every second, which means that Google gets over 3.5 billion search queries per day, which further on an annual basis translates to around 1.2 trillion search queries!
The other day when a gaggle of adolescent kids were kid-handling each other over who was the smartest of them all, I jumped in the scuffle and in a gleefully malicious tone, said 'Google'. What immediately ensued after my sarcastic reply is not something that I'm willing to share but something phenomenal that dawned on me in the middle of the spat.

Google, as I plunged into the boundless depths of my thoughts (which is a rare phenomenon), came across as an adolescent kiddo. Yes, a 16-year old, extraordinarily smart and precocious kid; someone whose mother overdosed on American Pie, who was fed on tales from The Game of Thrones, and who was sung songs from 2 Live Crew as lullaby. But, right from its first baby steps, it has proved to be exceptionally wondrous, like a whizkid whose brain neurons are on steroids. This guy has answers to all feasible questions that can pop into the fertile human mind, right from something profoundly meaningful like "what is love" to something very unusual like "what does it mean when an Egyptian man meows like a cat?", this kid knows it all. Forget that, it is so smart that it will give you 5 different options when you just type the word 'how'; some so random and some so tantalizing that you are invariably drawn to clicking on one of its options, and will make you totally forget about your original query. Now, that is something, isn't it?
Moving on.

Google, in 2014 came with a simplified knowledge base with an intention to provide its users with quick and relevant information. It saves you the trouble from navigating websites, in other words you can find what you want instantaneously without having to go through other unimportant info. While you are presented with instant information, we aren't exactly sure about the relevance part of it. Have a look at the following and try to understand what Goggle was thinking when it gave these answers (we are still staring at our screens).
Does God Love Everyone
Google bomb about god love
Okay, your momma may have told you in exasperation that she loved your elder brother more than you, but that one casual revelation crumbled your life momentarily and you cried with your lips puckered for 5 hours inconsolably. Now imagine what non-Christians throughout the world who believe in Jesus Christ must have gone through when they read this!?
What Car Does Jesus Drive
Google bomb about jesus car
Just because there is a biblical verse that states "For I did not speak of my own Accord..." or "the roar of Moses' Triumph is heard in the hills", it does not mean that the Lord drove Honda Accord or rode the motorcycle Triumph (we too fell for that, but were soon disabused of the fallacy). Why would he need a vehicle to carry him, when he could carry himself anywhere, at any time with just one blink of an eye? Got an answer to this one Google, huh?
Is Google God
Google bomb whether google is god
This must have made Google purr like a content cat. Google has all those qualities in the making, it's omnipresent, omniscient, and has answers to all your queries (even if they are not necessarily relevant). But this is like calling yourself talented just because you can sneeze, belch, and break the wind harmoniously; we mean you definitely have something special but we aren't exactly sure if it is something you can brag about. Oh come on, you are meant to do this!
What is the Answer to Life the Universe and Everything
Google bomb about answer to life
We are sure that Mr. Einstein's tomb must have trembled fitfully for sometime when he heard this. So, why was there a housefly in my coffee cup this morning? Maybe because it flew backwards 42 times, felt woozy, and thought of getting a caffeine dose to get back to its groove. Aha! Smarrtt.
Google has donned the nasty hat of an enfant terrible many times and the following examples show how real nasty it had got.
Top 10 Criminals in the World
Google blooper about criminal results
Google didn't stop with its series of pratfalls, it recently notched yet another error in its bulging blooper bag by including Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi's  image for search results on 'Top 10 criminals in India' and it ranked first in the search. If that wasn't enough, Mr. Modi also got a spot in 'Top 10 criminals in the World'. However, Google, this time too, expressed deep regret for having committed the error. We reckon Google is on a humble pie eating competition with itself.