Google Toolbar: Instructions on How to Add the Google Search Bar

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Google Toolbar: How to add the Google Search Bar

This article is aimed to help people install the Google searchbar on their computers.

I ended my previous article speaking about the Google Desktop Search tool, where I mentioned that keeping up with Google, is like trying to catch up with a mirage in the desert. After installing Google Toolbar 7.0, I get the feeling that the mirage is on the run again while I am rooted on the spot marveling at the ease that Google has brought into my life.

How to add the Google Toolbar?

Google toolbar, the downloadable internet browser toolbar, that enables the user to carry out Google search, without actually having to go the Google website. This toolbar appears as an extra row of icons in one’s Internet browser. However, this toolbar is available for Internet Explorer and Firefox only. The latest version of the Google Toolbar available for download is the Google Toolbar 7.2 for Internet Explorer, launched in 2011. You can download it free of cost from Google’s website and install it on your computer by clicking on the executable. Just type ‘Google toolbar download’ in browser and click on ‘accept and download’. The toolbar will get downloaded. Once the installation is completed, you will see a new toolbar in your browser below the address bar. It cannot get simpler than this. However, this toolbar is strictly for Internet Explorer only and you will have to download Google Toolbar 7.0 for Firefox (2010), for compatibility with Firefox.


Page Rank
I want to first talk about my favorite feature, which is the Google page rank display. This feature actually indicates the importance of the page as per Google! Pausing on the page rank button in the Google toolbar, provides information about the ranking of the page as termed by Google. It will show the rank between 0 to 10. Moving on to some of the other features provided by the toolbar:

Pop-up Blocker

One of the best features provided by the toolbar. It blocks all the annoying advertisements that pop-up on the screen. If you want to view advertisements for specific websites, you can enable them for those as well.


With this feature you can bookmark pages of your choice, for further reference. Moreover, with this new Google toolbar one can access one’s bookmark menu, from any computer on which the toolbar has been installed. This facility is possible because the bookmarks are saved online, through one’s gmail account. To access the bookmark list, one has to be signed in to the account. This way one can access the list on any computer. But it is mandatory to have a gmail account and it is essential to sign in, as without these two requirements, you will not be able to bookmark or access bookmarked pages.

+1 Button and Google+ Notifications button

Google+ is also available on the Google toolbar (supported by IE8 and IE9 only). This makes the web browser even more interactive and interesting. With the +1 feature, one can share the page with one’s Google+ social circle, thereby enabling one to share interesting pages across the web. Moreover, with the notifications feature, one can be up-to-date with the Google+ notifications, while browsing the web itself.

Spell Check

An excellent feature for bad typists. It finds spelling mistakes on the web page and as it comes with an auto-correct option, you can clean up a bad typing job with a few clicks. This is helpful for those who like commenting, or those filling online forms, writing reviews, etc.


This feature allows the user to translate web pages in French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese and scores of other languages into English and vice versa.

Synchronized Toolbar Settings

The toolbar is now available with a login feature. This feature helps you access all your toolbar settings on any computer that you login.

Send To

This feature enables you to share web pages through email or blog. You have the option of sharing the entire page or just an excerpt from the page. Highlighting the part of the web page that you want to share does this.

Highlight Search Terms

After using the toolbar to search for a web page using key words, you will not have to scroll through the web page looking for the information you are seeking. The highlight feature of the toolbar will highlight the keywords for you. For example, if you are looking for toothache treatment, the highlight search feature will highlight ‘toothache treatment’ on the page, thereby enabling you to find the relevant information as soon as possible.

How to add the Google Search Bar?

Following are the steps you will need to follow to add the Google Search Bar to your website:

  • Sign up to the Google AdSense.
  • Log on to the AdSense toolkit and navigate to ‘AdSense Setup’ and then select ‘AdSense for Search’.
  • You can either select the option ‘Google WebSearch’ (which will allow the user to search the web directly from your website) or you can select the option ‘Google WebSearch & Site Search’ (which will allow the users to search the web or specific sites of your choice).
  • You can choose the appearance of the search bar on your site using the ‘Search Box Style’ option.
  • Next, in the ‘More Options’ section, select your site language. Also select the option to ‘Open results in a new window’.
  • As you navigate through the next couple of steps, you will have the option of customizing the logo and the style of your search page results to align them with the style of your website. You can create your AdSense palette, choose your country to specify the Google domain and use the ‘Use SafeSearch’ option to exclude sites with explicit sexual content.
  • On completing the entire process, you will be provided the code by Google which you will have to copy and paste in your website. The entire process cannot get simpler than this.

Now that you are aware as to how to add a Google Toolbar to your browser and how to add a Google Search Bar to your website which will not only make your site better, it will even make money for you, what are you waiting for. Log on to Google and enjoy!

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