Good KeepVid Alternatives to Download Online Videos

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Good KeepVid Alternatives to Download Online Videos

This Techspirited article lists down some easy to use KeepVid alternatives to download online videos using browser extensions, web resources, computer software, and smartphone apps.

The need to download online videos
Sometimes, we just want to watch a video again or show it to someone at a place with no Internet connectivity. Sadly, most video sharing websites and their smartphone apps do not have any option for offline playback. So, users have to resort to other means for enjoying a video in offline mode.

We all love to watch videos online. Videos not only provide information and knowledge, but they can also help us unwind after a hectic day. Most of us netizens, even have our favorite websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, etc., bookmarked in our browser. But there is one problem that we video lovers face―stuttering video playback. In order to avoid the frustration while enjoying a video on a slow-speed connection, we usually download the video using the very popular KeepVid web service.

Now, if you visit KeepVid daily for downloading videos for offline playback, then you might have noticed that it doesn’t always work. There are many issues that one has to face while using KeepVid, but I’ll skip them and present to you my list of some very good KeepVid alternatives to download online videos.

Disclaimer: These alternatives to KeepVid are provided only for your information. We do not endorse or promote downloading of copyrighted and protected videos from video sharing websites.
These KeepVid substitutes are divided into 4 main categories.

1. Web Services
There are websites similar to KeepVid, which can be used to download online streaming videos for free. The main advantage of using these web services is their platform independence. You can use them from any web browser of your liking. All you have to do is copy and paste the video URL into the download fields of these websites, and wait till the download is completed. Easy as a pie, isn’t it?

    Gives options to download videos in .flv, .webm, .3gp, .mp4 (with and without audio), and .mp3 files. You can also download high resolution videos in Full HD and 4K, but without the audio stream.
    You can download the videos in HD, and lower resolutions from this website. The downloaded file types can have extensions ranging from .mp4 to .flv to .3gp to .webm and .mp3. VideoGrabber doesn’t allow the users to download the videos in Full HD and Ultra HD (4K) resolution.
    It enables the user to download the video from many other websites like ClipNabber, Fullrip, YouDDL, etc. employing the use of JavaScripts.

You can use these web services to download your favorite videos using the same procedure that you use for KeepVid. However, if you do not have the latest version of Java installed on your system, or do not have admin rights to update it, then you’re out of luck.

2. Browser Extensions
Browser extensions/add-ons/plug-ins are much easier to use than web services, for accomplishing similar tasks. Most of these extensions append their own button labeled as “download video” or something similar, very close to the embedded video player on famous video sharing websites.

  • Multi-Browser Extensions
    FastestTube works on Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Chrome (failed to work for us). Places a download button with all the video resolutions options available. Please be certain before downloading 1080p videos and above (2K and 4K). They don’t have an audio stream.
  • Add-ons for Firefox
    Easy YouTube Video Downloader Express adds ‘Download As’ button below the video viewport on YouTube and other video sharing websites.
  • Video DownloadHelper
    Just open any web page having an embedded video player. Right click anywhere on the page, and go to DownloadHelper in the context menu. Then go to the Media, and select the quality of video that you want to download. It also supports video conversion to some common file formats.

The only downside to using browser extensions is that they get outdated with time. Always keep these extensions updated, or they’ll stop working.

3. Computer Software
Software are undoubtedly the easiest way to download anything from the Internet. You don’t need to worry about installing any crapware or anything. Just install the software, and you’re good to go.
ClipGrab: It supports 3 major operating systems―Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. It can also convert the downloaded video to .mp3, .mp4, .wmv, etc., file types.

Fastest YouTube Downloader: It supports Windows and Mac OS.

For Windows:

  • Free YouTube Downloader
    It automatically detects the videos being played in Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Simply click on the download button right above the video, or copy the video URL and click on ‘Paste URL’ button.
  • Internet Download Manager
    Internet Download Manager, aka IDM, is my favorite tool for downloading streaming videos. It works on almost all the famous video sharing websites. As the name suggests, it’s not just a video downloader. You can use it to accelerate the downloading of any file from the Internet. As you might have guessed it, IDM is not free. It costs about USD 29.95, but is worth every penny.
  • YTD Video Downloader
    The basic (FREE) version of YTD lets you download and convert videos from many popular video sharing websites. The pro version (costs about USD 14.90), and it supports features like multiple downloads, download acceleration, email support, etc.
  • Orbit Downloader
    It can be used to download almost any file off the Internet. One can also use it to download flash games, flash videos etc.

4. Smartphone Apps Apps for Android
If you own an Android smartphone, then you can use some of the below-mentioned apps to download online videos without using KeepVid.

  • Videoder
  • WonTube
  • TubeMate

Many of these apps violate the Terms of Service of Google Play Store, and hence, you have to download them from their official websites.

Apps for iOS

  • TubeBox

It can be used only for downloading videos from YouTube and DailyMotion.

Steps to follow for downloading videos using apps:
You have to follow a very simple process to download videos through these apps:

  1. Search the video
  2. Select quality, and then start the download.

Now, you have plenty of good alternatives to KeepVid for downloading online videos. Which method did you like the most? Also, feel free to share your preferred method of downloading online videos in the comments section below.

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