God of War 2 Cheats, Hints and Cheat Codes

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God of War 2 Cheats, Hints and Cheat Codes

The highly successful franchise, God of War, finally has its sequel God of War II. After the immense success of ‘God of War’, Playstation 2 saw the sequel, ‘God Of War II’. The sequel was released on 13th March, 2006. Here are a few cheats, codes, and hints for this legendary game.

The game speaks about ‘Kratos’, a warrior who was once feared all over the world. Kratos falls to the Barbaric horde, and in a moment of despair, calls to Ares, who helps him for unknown motives. Kratos, therefore becomes more powerful than ever and with more power, came to him, more arrogance. In a blind moment reeking of power, he kills his wife and children.

Finally, he defeats Ares and becomes the ‘God of War’. In God of War II, Kratos is deceived by Zeus and killed. He is then taken to the underworld, where he is helped by Gaia, the Titan. Gaia wishes to seek revenge on the Gods, for the horrible atrocities they committed on the Titans, after the Titans lost the battle between them and the Gods.

As the game proceeds, Kratos realizes that he is, in fact, the son of Zeus. He then decides to take revenge on the God of Olympus.


To get the:

  • God of War costume – complete the game in any difficulty
  • Hydra Armor – complete the game in any difficulty
  • Hercules Armor – complete the game in Titan mode
  • Odyssey Armor – complete the game in God mode
  • General Kratos – collect 20 cyclops eyes and kill them with the O button
  • Athena – complete the game in Titan mode
  • God Armor – achieve God ranking in challenge mode. The God Armor doubles all your stats.

You can unlock vast treasures, if you complete the game in any difficulty in the ‘Challenge of Titans’ mode.

Finding the Urn of Gaia

The ‘Urn of Gaia’ is located on the Colossus level just before the player sees Colossus’ eye.

  • It is present at the first block moving puzzle, at the place where you have to open a series of rooms and metal walls.
  • Destroy the statue on the top of the moving blocks.
  • In the room which has doors on all sides, go to the room to the right while pushing the block.
  • Push it all the way down to the hall, and jump on it to gain access to the Urn of Gaia and some assorted treasure.

Here are some more hints:

  • Completing the game in any difficulty will unlock the Titan mode.
  • Completing the game in Challenge of the Titans mode will unlock a seven room challenge.
  • Earning the rank of Titan in challenge mode will unlock the Arena of Fate.
  • If you receive ‘Titan Status’ in Titan mode, you will unlock another Treasure’s section.
  • To unlock the High-Definition Mode, enter L1, L2, L3, Circle and Square simultaneously.
  • When Kratos is at home, save your current game and start the ‘Bonus Play’. You can now play the game, from the beginning, with all weapons and magic unlocked.

Another God of War II cheat is a mini-game labeled as the ‘sex mini-game’. A little inside the area of Rhodes, the player will fall into a bathhouse area. Jump out of the water and walk to the area behind it instead of swimming ahead. You will encounter two unbreakable screens. There are two women hidden behind one of these unbreakable screens. Walk towards them and press the circle to start the sex mini-game which requires you to press certain buttons. On completion of the sequence, you will receive many yellow and red orbs.

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