Games to Play on the Phone

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Games to Play on the Phone

The presence of exciting games, prepared using the JAVA language of programming, have made mobile phones very popular among people of all age groups. Let us discuss the various fun games to play on the phone in detail in this article.

We all are quite fond of the mobile games which are very useful in providing recreation to our mind after working hard for a long time. The graphics of these games is awesome and the entire concept of playing the game using various keys, displaying the score and maintaining the statistics is fantastic. Certain keys on the mobile such as a particular number or some symbols are used to do a particular task while playing the game. The games in the mobile phone are of different types – some are strategy games, some are racing games while some others are based on thinking abilities. Apart from the entertainment, these mobile phone games enhance our sharpness of mind and concentration skills. Mentioned below are some of the most popular and famous fun games to play on the phone.

Space Impact

Space Impact, as the name suggests, is an aircraft fighter game. This game consists of several levels and the game player has to go ahead by destroying the enemy fighter aircraft. You can shoot at the enemy aircraft, get extra lives and gain points by pressing relevant keys on the mobile phone. At the end of every level, you will have to kill the villain. As you go to the advanced levels, it becomes more and more tough to achieve the pre decided targets. Your scores get registered or stored in the memory and every time you perform better and score more than the previous time, the scores get replaced accordingly. This is one of the best games to play while on the phone.

Car Racing Games

Car racing games are one of the most preferred and loved games to play while on the phone. In this game, you have to reach the final spot as early as you can to win the game and earn maximum possible points. While playing the game, you will have to deal with the obstruction from the other cars running on the track as dashing against any of those cars will cause loss of life. As the number of lives are limited, you will have to be careful and play the game with a lot of attention and passion. This brilliant game is there in almost all the mobile phones.

The Chess Game

Many mobile phones have this world famous game of Chess in them. By studying the keys for moving different pieces, you can easily play this game while you are on the move. As applicable for the other games, your scores will be stored in the memory and you can view them whenever you want. You also have the freedom to choose the type of pieces you want before starting the game. For your reference, or if you have any doubt regarding how to play the game of Chess, you can refer to the help option available in the window. Thus, there is no need to carry your chess board along, as this game is similar to the real game of Chess with the same sort of rules and regulations. This game will require a lot of practice and consistency for you to become a master.

More Options

Apart from the above mentioned games, there are many more fun games to play, which you can enjoy playing in your spare time. They are as follows

  • World Soccer
  • Bomber
  • Driving Mania
  • 360 Speed
  • Jetris
  • Sudoku puzzles
  • 360 Fighter pilot

Use these games to play on the phone with your friends and have a nice time. You can also refer to the Internet for more information.

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