23 Games Like Plants Vs. Zombies

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23 Games Like Plants Vs. Zombies

All the zombie freaks who love the apocalypse and busting out a few zombie heads will get hooked to these games listed by Techspirited that are similar to Plants vs. Zombies.

Did You Know?
Earlier it was planned to name the game Lawn of the Dead a pun on the movie Dawn of the Dead, but due to legal issues, it got converted to Plants vs. Zombies.

Plants vs. Zombies is a tower defense video game developed by PopCap Games. The objective of the game is to place infectious fungi and plants with defensive capabilities to defend oneself from the zombies getting inside the house and eating the brains. The player starts with a limited number of seed packs and slots. At each level, the player is shown which zombies to expect and which seed packs can be used during that level. Nocturnal plants are more beneficial as the level progresses, as they require less sunlight to survive.

Various zombie modes are also introduced, those that can fly or jump over the plants, and a dancing zombie. If the zombie reaches the lane first, it will be shot with a lawn mower along with all the other zombies, but if it reaches for the second time, it will enter the house and chew the brains ending the game. Plants vs. Zombies received high acclaim from critics and gamers alike, it won many awards including ‘Best Games of 2009’ by Gamezebo. So much so about the game, but here we are providing you a list of alternatives to Plants vs. Zombies for those who would like similar thrill and excitement.

Games Like Plants vs. Zombies

Tower Madness

Tower Madness is a 3D tower defense game developed by Limbic Software. The objective is to defend a base filled with a flock of sheep from aliens with diverse weapons, using towers. The player has to build towers to defend the alien attack, each wave of aliens arrive through UFOs after an interval of 20 seconds to abduct a sheep. The towers can be upgraded by destroying the enemy, the game ends with all the enemies destroyed or all the sheep abducted.

Field Runners

Fieldrunners, a tower defense game, is the first release of developer Subatomic Studios. The uniqueness of this game is that the player can place the tower anywhere in the game, forcing the enemies to walk along the path chosen by the player. It’s available in three different modes: Classic, Extended, and Endless.

Zombie Road Rage

Zombie Road Rage is a wildest road hunt game for all apocalypse lovers. Don on the garb of Roy Rage―a truck driving zombie killer―and drive your truck at 60 mph hitting, smashing, squashing, rolling over zombies. Slay them over speed bumps, or turn them into hood ornaments to earn and buy cool new weapons.

Robo Defense

Robo Defense is a portable tower defense game made by Lupis Lab, and it is one of the best featured games of the Android arena. The strategy is to build towers to defend an attack from evil robots. The game comes with complete open maps, upgrades, and a variety of tower setups and achievements. Over time, with the accumulation of game money, you can upgrade your missile tower to anti-air missile tower, mortar tower, and medium strength missile tower.The free level features just 1 map with 11 difficulty levels.

Empire Defense

Empire Defense is based on the game Three Kingdoms. Here, players can choose generals, initiate strategies, and plan battles, and wage wars. The general is upgraded as the skills increase. Played in story mode or online in Arena and Campaign mode. Play on and build your kingdom.

Radiant Defense

Radiant Defense is a tower defense game created by Hexage, based on alien attack and invasions. The player can build his own space empire and prepare to defend it from a wave of aliens. Set up your own trap and path for the alien enemies. With more than 10 unique locations to try out with 300 waves of aliens, weapons of mass destruction and super upgradeable weapons, it’s time to save the universe.

Zombie Farm

Tired of raising animals in a farm? Try out Zombie farming. Created by Playforge Games, grow your very own zombies in a wide variety that are 100% organic, and fight other zombies with your home grown ones. Play the mad scientist and experiment with different kinds of zombies, and create a unique batch. Decorate your farm and play along with your friends by visiting their farms.

Hex Defense

Hex Defense, created by Gotow.net, is a classic open field tower defense game. The player has to defend his base from waves of attacks by enemies by placing armored towers in the path in a hexagonal grid. There are four different towers with individual strengths and weaknesses, a powerful tower costs more. One can earn cash by killing the enemies. The enemies come in various shapes and forms, the special tiles in the game add to the dimension. Sleek animation and 3D sound are added features of this game. 

Genetic Invasion

Genetic Invasion is a tower game with a difference, it uses genetic algorithm for the enemies to evolve. It works on Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, where the problem is you and the enemies evolve around you to crush you. There are three levels sorted according to the order of difficulty, and a medal reward system.

Sol Survivor

Sol Survivor is a tower defense video game developed by Cradenza Interactive. The interactive story makes the player rise in ranks from the role of a young commander in the time of war. It progresses across four planets, with five missions each on every planet. The player is regarded as Sol Paragon and has to defend humanity from Ascendancy―aliens who steal souls and other resources in order to continue their quest in galaxy. The player has to build and place turrets to protect his colony from alien invasion.

Beware Planet Earth

Beware Planet Earth, developed by Lightmare Studio, is a fun interactive tower defense game where the player has to defend cows from Martians. There are two game levels; veteran mode for experienced players and normal mode for beginners. With 20 kinds of Martians and 20 wacky weapons to kill them, it makes for an interesting play.

Defense Grid: The Awakening

Defense Grid: The Awakening, developed by Hidden Path Entertainment, is a tower defense game wherein the player has to strategically place the towers to defend his colony from alien invasion. It contains eight levels with added weaponry, strategies, and game plan. 

Zombie Animals

Zombie Animals, developed by Zariba Ltd., is a fun farm game where the player gets to destroy and kill zombie animals with powerful weapons. The 2 levels of difficulty, HD graphics, heavy weaponry, and sound effects, make it an interesting game.

Tower of Oz

Tower of Oz, developed by BigFish Games, is a 3D tower defense game wherein the player is Timothy, in the land of Oz, who has to battle wooden soldiers, saber-toothed tigers, and giant frogs. The game offers simple point-and-click strategy, eye popping graphics, and a story line that keeps the player hooked.

Toys vs. Nightmares

Developed by Xplored, this defend game involves the player as a child troubled by nightmares in the form of vampires, ghosts, etc., who has to defend oneself with toys. To generate player energy, the player needs to read fantasy books, when enemies are destroyed one gains coins to unlock new units and slots. The enemies come in various levels and forms, and placing the units strategically is important.

Royal Revolt

Royal Revolt, developed by Flaregames, is a reverse 3D tower defense game wherein the player is the ultimate king and defends his kingdom by building castles, towers, watch towers, etc., leading battles against the enemy and expanding the kingdom. 

Pirates of Teelonians

Developed by Teelos Games, Pirates of Teelonians is a strategy game wherein the player leads a unit of pirates to stop the enemy pirates from taking their booty and treasures. Before each battle, you have to select a captain and interact directly with the maps, each of the captains has abilities and special powers. One can collect coins from the dead enemies in place of energy, coins can be carried over from one level to the next. The player can use power ups also as compensation dropped by the enemies. It’s a fun and enjoyable game.

Tap Defense

Tap Defense, developed by Tap Joy, requires the player to defend heaven from the enemies of hell. The enemy moves along a set path. In order to stop them, the player has to build offensive towers.

Tiny Defense

Tiny Defense, developed by BigFish Games, is a tower defense game that takes place in Green Planet, which is the home of mini robots. The player has to defend the mini robot planet from the Machine robots invasion. It features 150 levels, 30 mini-games, 40 Mini Robots, and over 30 Machines to battle.

Garden Defense

Another game developed by BigFish Games, Garden Defense features a defense strategy game wherein you have to protect the flowers in the garden from pests by using various plants, garden tools, and inventions. You can beef up the defense and upgrade by killing the enemies.

Saturn Defense

Saturn Defense, developed by SpiceSpin Studios, requires the player to defend the space colony from alien invasion. With vivid graphic and retina display support, 18 specialized weapons and 30 different enemies, it makes for an interesting play.

The Creeps

The Creeps is a tower defense game that focuses on defending the player (you) from the creepy things coming out of your closet through toy blasters, boomerangs, and flashlights. You can use a giant spider or a UFO to combat your enemies. Have fun slicking the tower path with oil, to let the creeps fall downhill, or conjure a tornado to carry them off course.

Plant This

Plant This, developed by BigFish Games, combines a number of exciting puzzles to solve. The objective of this game is to plant magical plants with various abilities and powers to defend your garden from a gopher and his minions.

If you enjoy battling enemies and formulating strategies you can enjoy the above-mentioned tower defense games.

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