6 Free Tools to Convert XML to XLS

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6 Free Tools to Convert XML to XLS

Many office applications require that XML files be converted to an Excel format for user convenience. The Techspirited article below enlists 6 free tools to convert XML to XLS.

Fast Fact
Print Conductor 4.4 has been recently released by the fCoder Group, Inc., and this version is encompassed with a multitude of new features. Reportedly, it is not limited to just printing XML, but it also supports HTML, XPS, plain text, OpenOffice, XLS, PPT, PUB, VSD, etc.

 Data files can be documented and formatted in XML as well as XLS; both are excellent applications with regards to working on extensive amounts of data. If you are using XML, especially for tabular and graphical display, you might frequently require to import and export data from one application to the other and vice versa. While there are features within each application for the above purpose, there are some free XML to Excel converter tools available online that offer a free download. You can use them for conversions, as it will be faster than manual conversions. Some of the tools for XML to XLS conversion are enlisted below.


  • It stands for Extensible Markup Language.
  • It is a data format supported by Unicode.
  • It is used for encoding documents in different formats and making them readable.
  • It contains a lot of syntax rules that are rigidly followed while writing the code.


  • It refers to the Microsoft Excel file format.
  • It is an office application and contains features for creating worksheets, maintaining tables, graphs, and calculations.
  • It has innumerable tools for exporting and importing data from files of other formats.
  • Its latest version, Excel 2013, boasts of the addition of newer and more efficient tools, like Power View and Inquire.

List of Tools

  • In this tool, the root element is mapped first.
  • The branch elements are mapped as rows.
  • Whatever child elements the row elements contain, are mapped as columns.
  • When you load an XML file, the tool conducts a thorough search of the entire element tree, and then maps the elements in the priority mentioned above.
  • You might need to specify if you need a part of or the entire document to be converted.
  • According to the way your XML file is structured, XmlGrid will create the Excel file.

Advanced XML Converter

  • It is one of the most common ones to be used.
  • You will need to upload an XML file and then click ‘CONVERT’. Your data will be mapped on to the new Excel format.
  • First, this tool locates the XML source.
  • The file is then parsed and the XML structure can be viewed by the user.
  • Here, you might want to select the tags and elements which you want to view in your Excel sheet.
  • After this, select the conversion mode, click ‘CONVERT’, and save the file.


  • This tool exports data to Excel by shredding the data in XML.
  • Similar to XmlGrid, this tool creates rows and columns by checking the parent-child elements.

Convert XLS

  • It is excellent for batch conversions.
  • It is easy to use and is very efficient since large conversions take a relatively short time.
  • It supports many file formats and it has a high conversion speed as well.

Excel Import Multiple XML files

  • This tool can be used during manual conversions.
  • Open a blank Excel file and go to the ‘Open’ menu.
  • Select ‘XML Files’ in the ‘Files of Type’ drop-down list.
  • Use this tool to insert the file in Excel.
  • You may have to select a style sheet if you need one.


  • It is also a commonly used, free XML-to-XLS converter.
  • It has a very good conversion speed and supports all formats.
  • It needs certain other applications to work, and when the requirements are met, it offers a good solution to convert XML to XLS.

The tools mentioned above are quite easy to use, you just need to follow the required instructions. You need to be alert when large amounts of data need to be converted, since Excel has a limit on the number of rows and columns, and this will impact the resultant file. Even though the above tools can be used for free, they probably do have a trial period at their expense. You can try them and then decide if you want to actually purchase a conversion tool. This will depend on your requirement of course, for instance, if you are regularly going to be using both these applications, it would make sense to purchase the software. If your requirement is temporary, make use of the online options.

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