How to Watch Free Satellite TV Online

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How to Watch Free Satellite TV Online

Wondering, how to watch free satellite TV online? This article will help to watch satellite TV online for free, without having to download any software or pay for anything.

So, what’s all this hype about watching online free satellite TV? One is able to watch free channels online, because these channels have always been available for free. It is just that people are gaining knowledge about these channels. Also, many software which allow you to watch live satellite TV online or other channels online, have made this facility more popular.

Do your remember in the days gone by, we all had cable service providers, everybody had an antenna hooked on their terrace? Yes, and then we could watch one or few more channels on our TV for free. These were free to air channels, which let us watch few channels for free. Similarly, there are many channels which are broadcast for free. Thus, with an Internet connection you just connect to these channels and get to watch these channels for free.

All About Live Satellite TV Online

Avoid Software

Avoid buying or downloading any satellite TV software which tells you that you can watch satellite TV online for free. These software promise you 5000 TV channels and over 2000 radio stations. However, once you download, or buy the software package, you might get these thousands of channel to watch for free, but might not like what these channels are showing. What happens is, that these software just give you an interface on which you can watch the channels, and surf channels easily.

Many of these software advertise many features and say that you can watch many paid channels. Beware of these software, as many of them are scams. But, if you wish to get an interface which makes free channel surfing easier, then you can consider downloading and installing such a software. They cost around 40 bucks.


If you are thinking that you will get to watch MTV or HBO kind of channels for free using the online satellite TV, then you are mistaken. As these channels are paid, and don’t give permission for their shows to be watched online for free. However, there are certain sports channels which allow users to watch certain matches for free.

One of the biggest disadvantage of watching free satellite TV online is that you need a high speed Internet connection. If you don’t have great connection, then the channels will stream very slowly and make the experience of watching channels online for free very frustrating.

While watching free satellite TV on the Internet, you have very limited channels which air good TV shows. Many shows are repeat telecast of old popular shows. Also, you might find the video and audio quality of these channels to be below normal standards, which might ruin enjoying watching satellite TV online for free.


Cable TV service can’t be replaced by online satellite TV. As you have already seen, that satellite TV online has many disadvantages and limitations. However, you can buy a TV tuner card and watch paid channels by paying a monthly rental. This will allow you to watch your favorite shows in good quality sound and picture. However, if you wish to try watching satellite TV online for free, then here are some of the best sites which may allow you to watch TV shows for free.

  • Joost
  • Revision 3
  • AdultSwim
  • Channel 4
  • Discovery Channel
  • TLC Channel
  • FreeTv
  • Chooseandwatch
  • Freetube
  • BeelineTV
  • BBC iPlayer
  • TV Channels Free
  • Dailymotion
  • YouTube
  • Blip.TV
  • South Park Studios
  • Channelchooser
  • Fox
  • CBS
  • CBS
  • SciFi Rewind
  • Hulu
  • Veoh

So visit the above sites and check out the free clips, shows, matches, news, etc., and enjoy watching free satellite TV online.

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