Free Reverse Phone Lookup With Name

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Free Reverse Phone Lookup With Name

How to run a free reverse phone lookup with name on the Internet? Read to find out.

There are names and then there are phone numbers associated with them. Phone numbers are an indivisible part of personal information today, along with email addresses and residential addresses. A person’s identity can be traced from his phone number, email ids or physical address on the Internet.

A phone number is quite a generic term, since there are two types of phones today – wired ones (landline phones) and wireless ones (cell phones). So, one could either be referring to a landline phone number or cell phone number. Let me make it clear, right at the start, that if you are looking for online free reverse cell phone lookup service, you will be mightily disappointed. Even though thousands of articles will direct you towards free reverse phone lookup for cell phone numbers, none actually offer the service for free.

Unlike landline phone numbers, which are mostly public listed, cell phone companies do not list the cell phone numbers in public domain. That’s the very reason why people prefer getting a cell phone, as their privacy is ensured. So when I refer to free reverse phone lookup and talk about how to run it, I am only referring to landline numbers henceforth. For reverse cell phone number lookup, you’ll have to pay up the website, as that information does not fall in public or ‘free’ domain on the Internet.

How to Run a Free Reverse Phone Lookup Online?

Here are some simple ways of running a lookup on the Internet. You don’t have to search for a reverse lookup directory when you have the Google search engine working for you.

Use Google

Not so long ago, Google had a ‘Phonebook’ service, which directly let you reverse lookup cell phone or landline numbers. However, this service has now been discontinued. Still, there is a way in which you can use Google to trace a phone number, to its owner. Many people have their own websites on the Internet, with contact details listed online. Though there is a miniscule probability of success, you may search for the phone number, directly on Google. If it so happens that the number is listed on some website, you will be able to trace the phone number to the owner.

Take Help From Reverse Phone Lookup Sites

The second best thing to do of course, is to run a reverse phone lookup on other dedicated sites. There are plenty to choose from. ‘Whitepages’ is one such site that you could refer to.

So it’s certainly possible to run a free reverse lookup, in case of landline phone numbers, but for cell phone numbers, you will have to pay some greenbacks. Sites make money selling personal information like this on the Internet. It is either their way or the highway when you are in urgent need of a reverse cell phone lookup with name. So be ready to shell out some money if you want that piece of information.

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