How to Run a Free Reverse Address Lookup?

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Is it possible to run a reverse address lookup for free? Yes it is. Read to know all about it.

You have an address and you need to verify who’s living there or whether it is correct. This is an opportunity for you to run a reverse address lookup. It is the reverse of finding a person’s address, from his name. Internet technology has made scanning for information a lot easier than before. It is an ocean of information, that can provide you with almost any piece of information, if you know where to look for it and be specific. Thanks to the Google search engine, it is considerably easier to locate information sources on the Internet. All you have to do is type in the right keywords and the search engine will do the rest for you.

A person’s identity can be traced from four or five main pieces of personal information. These include local address, registered landline telephone number, social security number, and other traces of personal information, which are available in the public domain.

A free lookup is made possible due to the directories available on the Internet. Along with a person’s name, his address is also listed in these directories. That is the major source of information, which is used by most of the sites on the Internet, that offer this facility.

Running a Reverse Address Lookup

There may be various reasons why one would want to run a reverse address lookup. You may need to verify a mailing address, where you are sending a letter or need to make a real estate purchase related inquiry. Tracing the identity of residents by running a lookup on the Internet, is like looking for a very fine needle in millions of haystacks, stacked over each other. Thankfully, we have sites on the Internet and an effective search engine, that can narrow down the search for us.

With Google

One of the simplest ways is to Google it. The chances are slim that this will work, but you might just give it a shot. If that person has a personal webpage, that has been indexed by Google, where he has listed his postal address, it will pop up in the search results. Just type in the address within single quotes, in the search box, and hit enter. If you are really ‘feeling lucky’, Google can do the trick for you.

Use Websites

There are many web sites that offer a reverse lookup directory, based on aggregated public records data. One such site is ‘Melissadata’, that offers various facilities, including a free serving reverse address lookup service. All that you have to do is enter the correct address, which includes street name, house number, city, state name, and zip+4 code. Some sites will ask you to pay up for the information, which is really unnecessary, when you have many sites that offer this service for free.

These were some of the alternatives to choose from. Provided that the person has listed his or her address voluntarily in public records, it won’t be very difficult to locate the resident’s identity. One of the above alternatives is bound to work for you.

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