Find Someone on Facebook

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Find Someone on Facebook

How to find someone on Facebook? I think the entire world knows this answer but there are other ways in which you can find people without even making an account in the world’s most famous social networking site. So let’s search answers to the various questions regarding Facebook.

I don’t think there is a single person in this world who hasn’t heard about Facebook. You may not have an account on the website, but it would be really shocking if you haven’t heard the name. The term Facebook refers to the most popular social networking website on the planet. Since its origin in 2004, the website has successfully become one of the most popular and powerful companies in the world. As of today, Facebook has more than 700 million active members. This article is basically written for people who are new on this website, and want to search for their long lost peers and friends.

How to Find Someone on Facebook

I think it is safe to say that most people who live metropolitan areas are Facebook members, and there is a huge chunk among them who think that Facebook is nothing more but a mere waste of time. Well, I am not taking sides, but I want to say that it is a very useful website for people who want to get in touch with their lost friends and loved ones.

Nowadays people don’t even use mobiles or emails as much as they use Facebook. Old friends, enemies, partners and crushes can be easily searched on it. It is a great way to be in touch with people who stay far away from you. So here are some ways which will help you find the person you are looking for on Facebook by using the first name or using different contact details.

Log in your Facebook account and on the top right hand side of the Home Page, you will see a Search Box. Enter in the required person’s name there, the website will pull up lots of search results, but first it will search the local network. For instance, if you stay in California, the website will first search all the people with the name you’ve typed, in California. If you know that the person doesn’t reside in California, you can take your mouse to the drop down menu and click “Search All Networks” which makes this a global search. If you have no idea about the address of the name you are searching, go to the network again and type in the school’s name, job or religion to make the search more specific. Facebook also offers its users various “Search Applications” which can be used for finding out information about friends and peers.

Another easy way that can be used is typing the names of his/her friends in the Search Box. You can search through their “Friends Contact List” and search for the person you are looking for. A convenient way to find someone on this website is to think of their interests. Perhaps the person that you are looking for is a big Beyonce fan. So you could search in some groups or communities which are for Beyonce fans by typing the whole name of that person.

If you really wish to find someone on this website, you can also do a search by typing the first name and the individual’s school name which may help you to find the desired contact. You will come up with many results and you might get lucky by searching some of them. The best way to find someone is to add most of their common friends in your list, so that the search becomes more easy. Your mobile phone can also help you find your friends on Facebook, all you have to do is install the Facebook application on your mobile phone and search the desired contact on Facebook.

Finding Someone on Facebook Without Joining

If you have the basic knowledge about social networking websites, you probably have understood one thing that to find someone you need to create an account or sign up with them. Now let’s look at some easy ways to search for people on Facebook without joining it. The main objective of Facebook is to connect people and old friends from various walks of life.

The best way is to search from the Home Page of the network though most sites wouldn’t allow you to do that. Another easy way to search someone on Facebook without signing up is to type the person’s first name and “Facebook” in various search engines and if he/she has an account on the website, it will be displayed in the results.

You can also try some people search services that are capable of searching people through social networks with their first names. Another way of searching someone without signing up is to try different Search Applications available on the Internet.

Finding Someone on Facebook by Phone Number

Searching people through Facebook using their contact details is not a new thing. Many times people meet and exchange words with each other, however, it is very natural that you’ve forgotten his/her name but you still have the phone number. The best place to search all the other contact details is Facebook. If you can’t find the person by name or address, you can type in their phone number on Facebook and may be you will get his/her profile if he/she is a member of Facebook. If you can’t find the desired person on Facebook, you can type the contact number in various search engines and see the results.

So these were some of the ways which can be helpful in finding someone on Facebook. If you already have an account on the website, then the job becomes more easy.

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