Facebook Abbreviations and Symbols

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Facebook Abbreviations and Symbols

If you are looking for a detailed list of Facebook abbreviations and symbols, then you have come to the right page. In the following article, you will find some of the common abbreviations and their meanings that will make your social networking experience fun.

Almost everyone is active on Facebook nowadays. It is the best and the easiest way to communicate with many people at a go. You get to send messages via Facebook ‘wall’ to a particular friend and even chat with different friends at the same time with the help of the chat feature. It becomes quite tedious to type long sentences and phrases while chatting on Facebook. So, people have come up with a bunch of abbreviations and symbols that make things easy for all of us who are excessive keyboard users. Let us have a glimpse at some of the common abbreviations that include smileys, chat slangs, and text effects.

Facebook Abbreviations and Meanings

You must have seen your friends sending you a cute smiley on chat. But, you don’t know what it means or maybe you must have seen an interesting symbol on your Facebook ‘wall’. You too would love to use these abbreviations and symbols on Facebook, but have no clue how to type them using your keyboard. Worry not! All you need to do is go through the following tables and learn the easy way to create these texting symbols for Facebook and text effect. Also, learn the meaning of the same and understand what do certain abbreviations stand for.

Common Facebook Abbreviations

Facebook Abbreviation Meaning Facebook Abbreviation Meaning Facebook Abbreviation Meaning
ASAP As Soon As Possible FB Facebook GN Good Night
ASL Tell Me Your Age, Sex and Location JK Just Kidding IDK I Don’t Know
Tnx Thanks BRB Be Right Back OMG Oh my Goodness!
BTW By The Way K Okay LMAO Laugh My Ass Off
M/F Are You Male or Female? ROFL Rolling On Floor Laughing LOL Laugh Out Loud
FYI For Your Information YNK You Never Know SD Sweet Dreams
WAD Without A Doubt LMK Let Me Know TY Thank You
Facebook Smiley Meaning
<(“) Penguin
(^^^) Shark
🙂 or 🙂 or =) or :] Smile
😀 or 😀 or =D Big smile
>:o or >:-o Smile with closed eyes
😮 or 😮 Surprise
🙁 or 🙁 or =( or :[ Sad face
😉 or 😉 Wink
:'( Crying
:* or :-* Kiss
:p or :-p Tongue
>:( or >:-( Angry
<3 Heart
:3 Cat face, mustache
^_^ Pleasant face
-_- Pleasant face with eyes down
O:) or O:-) Angel
3:) or 3:-) Devil
:v Pacman
:|] Robot
8) or 😎 or B) or B-) Glasses
8| or 8-| or B| or B-| Dark glasses
:/ or :-/ or :\ or :-\ Confused
o.O or O.o Big and small eye
:putnam: Human head
#:0 Ahhhhhhhhhh
{:V Duck
_:^) American Indian
*<:-) Santa Claus
|:-| Anal-Retentive
-):……… Dyslexic
*!#*^*&:-) Schizophrenic
0:-) Angel
(:-I Egghead
:-@ Screaming

Facebook Zodiac Symbols

Facebook Zodiac Meaning
Aries (The Ram)
Taurus (The Bull)
Gemini (The Twins)
Cancer (The Crab)
Leo (The Lion)
Virgo (The Virgin)
Libra (The Scales)
Scorpio (The Scorpion)
Sagittarius (Centaur The Archer)
Capricorn (Goat-horned, The Sea Goat)
Aquarius (The Water Bearer)
Pisces (The Fish)

Facebook Status Symbols

Facebook Status
* •♥•♥•♥•♥ ☜[Enter Status Here] ☞ ♥•♥•♥•♥•
* (¯`•._)([Enter Status Here])(¯`•._)
* ஐ¤*¨¨*¤¨°o.O( Enter Status Here )O.o°¤*¨¨*¤εïз
* -~*’¨¯¨’*•~㊅[Enter Status Here] ㊅~*’¨¯¨’*•~-
* ¯¨’*•~-.¸¸,.-~*'( Enter Status Here )¯¨’*•~-.¸¸,.-~*’
* (¯`•._.•[Enter Status Here]•._.•´¯)

These were just a few of the many Facebook abbreviations and symbols that you can use. You can try typing the code of the smileys or just copy and paste the symbols given above to your Facebook chat or Facebook wall. There are many more such interesting texting symbols that you can use in order to add some flavor to your chats. All you need to do is copy a symbol and paste it in the Facebook chat or wall. Hope you enjoy using these common Facebook abbreviations in your daily social networking lingo.

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