Easy Backup Wizard Review

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Easy Backup Wizard Review

There are many backup programs that help in making backup copies of video games. One such popular and handy backup programs is easy backup wizard. This program has got a number of positive and negative reviews.

Playing video games has become a culture across the world and people of all ages seem to be addicted to this new hype. The news is making rounds that easy backup wizard is one of the best programs that will copy your video games like PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii games in a jiffy. As the name suggests, easy backup wizard is a backup software that helps you make copies of video games, to ensure that they are not lost altogether. Released in March 2009, this backup software has become a blessing in disguise to many gaming enthusiasts, who can now make copies of their favorite games and store it, without the fear of losing them. You can make copies of Gamecube Xbox, Wii games, PSone and other games on PC and Nintendo.

The easy backup wizard software is a hot favorite among the professional and amateur gamers. This software is easy to download and is compatible to all the versions of Windows, Macintosh (Mac) and other computer operating systems. This software also works easily with the latest version of Windows 7 operating system. Apart from the CD or DVD burner, this easy backup wizard does not require any special software or hardware to use it. Installation and downloading of this package is made easy and user-friendly with the help of the tutorials provided with it, to show the working of this software and how to copy the games.

There are two salient features of the easy backup wizard. The first one is that it is easy to copy the games for any system. This is an easy procedure that consists of only three steps – inserting the game CD, loading the game into the software and then inserting a blank CD or DVD to ‘burn’ or copy the game. The best part of this backup software is that it bypasses the system copy protection program and easily copies the game on the CD or DVD without any problems. There is no need to modify the console when using easy backup wizard. The second feature of this software is that it can copy movie DVDs. It can also copy any video file format to any DVD.

Easy Backup Wizard for Xbox 360

Though there are many game copying software available in the market, one of the best backup software for copying Xbox 360 games is the easy backup wizard. Using this software, you can make as many copies as you want, while keeping the original one pristine. It is easy to install the software by just clicking three buttons, it will create perfect copies of the game without the need of an additional software. It takes just ten minutes for this backup software to make copies of the games.

Easy Backup Wizard for PS3

PlayStation 3 or PS3 is one of the most popular gaming consoles that is truly an investment for every gamer. This state-of-the-art gaming console offers a wide range of various games, which is definitely an owner’s pride. The game discs tend to become unusable, mostly due to various issues like smudges, scratches, smears, etc. This can be a frustrating situation as these scratched discs fail to work. In order to protect these games, you can use the easy backup wizard to copy your games to another DVD and keep the original safe. There are many advantages of using this backup software as it is easy to make copies of the game, while keeping the original intact.

Easy Backup Wizard Scam?

Of late, there have been claims that the software is a scam and many claim that is does not live up to its claimed potentials. Here is a brief explanation.

Though a lot of games have a copy protection which cannot be broken, the easy backup wizard software has a game copy algorithm that enables it to decode any game copy protection to create a copy. But some game consoles like the Xbox 360 games are protected with an inbuilt protection program, which makes it impossible to copy the game in any type of software.

It is also necessary to have a CD or DVD burning software if you intend to copy games using this backup software, despite the fact that this backup software does not require any additional software.

This easy backup wizard is user-friendly and is worth the money invested in it. If you are a serious gamer, choose a backup program, only after going through reviews and feedback of other users. If you are not into gaming yet, discover the addictive world of video games and have fun exploring it.

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