6 Dress Up Games Like Stardoll

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6 Dress Up Games Like Stardoll

Stardoll is a dress up game where you can design clothes and dress up your model. It is specifically designed for girls and enjoys a great fan-following. There are many games like Stardoll worth trying, and Techspirited lists out some of the best alternatives.

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The Intention
The Creator, Lisa Wrang, talking about why she thought about this game ― “Girls could get away from the shooting and killing games that boys play”. She simply created a heaven for girls, which indicated in the initial name of Stardoll, “Paperdoll Heaven”.

Stardoll is a browser game launched in 2004. It has been attracting kids between ages 9 – 17 ever since. It gained popularity in 2006, when Index Ventures started funding it. This is a dress up game where you have different tools to help you make some great clothes. The site also has some interactive activities and some educational games which improve quick thinking in kids.

It is free until you use the Non-Superstar account, but there are paid accounts like Royalty and Superstar too. The paid accounts provides some extra features. After you log in, you are given 500 Starcoins and 20 Stardollars. You can shop, interact, and buy stuff.

There have been many games which have targeted this desire among kids, especially girls, to dress up fashionably and designing clothes. Games like roiworld and girlsense were very famous but, unfortunately, shut down. Don’t worry, we have some great alternatives for you. Given below are some free games which have to be played on a computer, except the last one which can be enjoyed on your mobile too. Take a look and try them.

Free Fashion Games Like Stardoll

Doll and the City
If you love to dress up dolls, then you are sure to enjoy this game. It is a free game but you have to pay if you want a VIP membership. This games allows you to not only dress up, but also to take up a job and lead a virtual life. You can be a hairstylist, secretary, or even a babysitter. You have to earn CityDollars. There are different contests and opportunities too. Another thing you can earn is Fame Points, and the best part is, you can get 10 Fame Points per day.
Try the game: Doll and the City

If you always desire something new in fashion, then this is the place to be. This game updates regularly and will give you a chance to try your hands on new designs. It helps you to dress up and make some new designs of your own. There is a newsfeed too, where you can see designs made by your friends or share yours. At certain times, in this game, you can just hang out and play other games too.
Try the game: I-DressUp

Fashion Fantasy
This game provides a virtual experience of being a fashion designer. You’ll have a page of your own, and you can blog your new designs. There is a networking community where you can share your ideas with people of similar tastes and interests. You’ll be the owner of your own boutique, which will teach you essential marketing skills. Also, you have to foot the expenses of the boutique with Fashion Buckz, which you earn as you sell your designs. There are some good weekly competitions to keep you going. This game will never lack in fun and ensure that you are hooked on.
Try the game: Fashion Fantasy

Lady Popular
This is a game where you can “virtually” do everything your way and enjoy yourself to the core. It provides almost millions of combinations, from where you can choose different face shapes, hair, and of course, great clothes! It has great variety and you can be anything from a tomboy to a special Egyptian Queen. You can stay home, get pets, work, get a boyfriend, go for parties; basically everything, and the best part, you get to design most of the things.
Try the game: Lady Popular

Diva Chix
Diva Chix is pretty similar to Stardoll but has a few different features. It efficiently combines a dress up game with a competitive spirit. It gives you a chance to create some great designs and allows you to compete. It is basically a game to determine who has a better sense of fashion, but in a healthy, fun way. It has different options of designing stores or celebrities. Also, there are team gameplays, which you can participate in.
Try the game: Diva Chix

Style Me Girl
This is a perfect game for people who are tired of thinking about what the world thinks or feel restricted due to financial constraints. This game allows you shop (for the most awesome brands) endlessly and create designs of whatever you like. You have almost 17 types of models, so you can enjoy designing and dressing up (including makeup) of every single one. The variety in the game will teaches you about different designs and hair/makeup suiting to different people. After making pieces of 30 different genres, you are allowed to send your models for photoshoots. You can design the shots as well.
The best part about this game is that you can play it on your smartphone―anytime, anywhere. This one-of-a-kind app is available in iOS and Android.

For Android: Style Me Girl
For iTunes: Style Me Girl

Some More Alternatives

  • Mall World
  • The Sims
  • Looklet
  • Club Cooee
  • IMVU
  • goSupermodel
  • Habbo Hotel
  • OurWorld

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