Download Music to iPod Without iTunes

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Download Music to iPod Without iTunes

Did you know that you can download music to your iPod without iTunes? If you are tired of using the complicated and slow iTunes to transfer your songs to your iPod, then the following write up will prove to be a useful read.

Every time you hook up your iPod to your computer, iTunes pops up and automatically syncs songs with the device. Or may be you find it very difficult to comprehend music transfer on iTunes. The default media program for Apple is iTunes and it is generally used to transfer files, photos as well as music to the iPod. If you’re tired of using iTunes and want to learn an alternative way to transfer music files, then you are on the right page. This Techspirited article will cover some easy steps that will help you learn how to download music to iPod without iTunes.

Can I Download Music to my iPod Without iTunes?

A beginner with an iPod will definitely have this question running through his mind. Yes, you can certainly download music to an iPod device without having to use iTunes. All you need to do is enable your iPod to function like an external hard drive. This will help you manually select particular songs and download them to your iPod.

How to Download Music to an iPod Without iTunes for Free

After spending your precious dollars to purchase an iPod, I am sure you would not like to spend more money just to transfer songs to your music device. There is a simple way to do it and it does not require any third party software to be installed for transfer of music files from the computer to an iPod without iTunes. Just follow the simple instructions given below and get started.

Step 1

You need to connect your iPod to the computer using a USB wire. Once connected, open iTunes. Make sure the automatic sync on iTunes is disabled.

Step 2

You need to click on the iPod icon on the left navigational plane of the iTunes window. Then, go to ‘Options’ on the lower right corner of the iTunes window.

Step 3

After selecting ‘Options’, you need to click on ‘Enable Disk Use’ in the iPod preference window. Uncheck the box that says ‘Open iTunes When this iPod is Attached’.

Step 4

Move on to the ‘Summary’ tab and here you need to check the box that says ‘Manually Manage Music and Videos’. Select the song space and other file space that you will require and click ‘Apply’. Now, you can quit iTunes but make sure your iPod is still connected to your PC.

Step 5

Now, click on the ‘Start’ button and go to ‘My Computer’. Here, you will find your iPod icon as a removable device. Double click on the iPod icon and open the iPod window.

Step 6

You need to copy music files from your computer and paste them in the iPod window. You can even drag-drop the music files into the iPod window.

Step 7

Once you have finished downloading the music to iPod without iTunes, you need to right click on the iPod icon. Then select ‘Eject’ and disconnect your iPod from the computer.

How to Download Music to an iPod Without iTunes for Mac

If you’re a Mac OS user, then you need to follow all the above steps exactly as they are. The only difference you will find is in Step 5. In Step 5, you will directly find your iPod icon on the desktop itself. The rest all is just the same as above.

There are many third party applications for free that you can download and install on your computer, if you find that the above method does not help. These include CopyTrans, TouchCopy, Floola, SharePod, MediaMonkey, etc. As you can see, it is very easy to download music to iPod without iTunes. Give it a try and have fun listening to your favorite tunes without the help of ‘iTunes’.

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