Best Disposable Email Address Services

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Best Disposable Email Address Services

Disposable email addresses are a great tool to deal with unwanted emails or spam. Scroll down to get an overview of these ‘use and throw’ email accounts and know about the services that offer this facility.

Most of us have heard about disposable contact lenses. Have you ever heard of a disposable email account? It is an alternative way of sharing and organizing email addresses. The purpose of such email accounts is that you have a unique email ID for every contact. This facilitates point-to-point connection between the sender and the recipient. Online services offering this facility are catching up fast, amongst those who want to protect their business emails from spam and unwanted emails.

Uses of Disposable Emails Addresses

The basic idea of a disposable email ID is to have a separate address for mailing every contact. So, even if you change a particular address, you will only need to notify that specific contact. This makes an individual’s work easier, as he does not have to inform all those on his contact list.

Further, as the mail access has been brought down to a single contact, that contact has to be the most probable comprising point for spam. Thus, an individual gets a chance to decide if people with whom the email has been shared, can be trusted.

If you have multiple email IDs, you can forward emails from one account to another, which is frequently used. The same thing can be done by using disposable email services.

Email, that has been checked for spam and phishing can be forwarded to a real address. On the other hand, those containing spam, can be trashed directly, without being forwarded.

Here is some advice on choosing a service that provide disposable email addresses.


Money matters and therefore, it is essential to check whether it is a free or a paid service.


The duration refers to the time limit till which the email address will stay valid. In short, the ‘lifespan’ of the address should be known.

Best Services


Spamex provides an unlimited number of disposable addresses, which can be used instead of your real one. The best part about spamex is that when you reply with a real address, it is replaced by the disposable address automatically.

This provider makes it easy to avoid spam coming into your inbox, by the same mechanism as spamex. Aliases can be deleted easily with E4ward.


Gishpuppy is another very popular provider. It is simple and user-friendly, but does not replace your address with the disposable one, when you reply to someone.


If you use Mailinator, there will be absolutely no connection with your email address. What is more, you can use it with several domain names, unless Mailinator is blocked.


Emailias has a unique feature, wherein, it remembers which site an alias was created for. Further, the aliases can be disabled at any point of time, manually. They may even be set to expire automatically.


The best part about spambox is that it allows you to decide the lifespan of your inbox.

Opt for any of these services to save yourself from spam.

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