Digital TV for PC 2

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Digital TV for PC 2

Digital TV for PC 2 is a tool that allows you to watch more than thousand TV channels from all around the world on your laptop or desktop. Here’s a look at what all you need to know before buying this product.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7, XP, or Vista
  • At least 64 MB RAM
  • At least 20 MB disk space (for installation)
  • High-speed Internet service
  • 166MHz Pentium Class Processor or better
  • Windows Media Player/Real Player

Digital TV for PC 2 is a software package launched by Smith Micro Software Inc., which can be purchased online for a price of about USD 29.99. This software allows the user to view TV channels on their personal computer. The user can search through hundreds of channels over the world in any language. To get these channels, one needs to install this software and have an Internet connection. This Techspirited article furnishes further intricate details below.


To use this software, all you need is a laptop/desktop and high-speed Internet access. You can buy the product online. Likewise, it is also available on many sites. The installation procedure will be supplied along with the package you have downloaded. The setup process is very simple; just follow the instructions given in the package. The software allows you to watch over 1,000 channels in HD as well as listen to various music stations. After this, carry out an Internet update of the available channels. Once you are done with this, restart the computer. You might need to install the latest media player too. To watch channels online, you don’t need to subscribe to any cable service or pay any monthly charge. Also, there is no need to install any hardware. However, do remember that speedy Internet access is necessary, otherwise streaming of the channels will be slow and irritating.


  • Worldwide Programming
  • Updated TV stations
  • Can be installed on two computers at the same time
  • Accessible menu
  • Can be connected to the TV and watched on full screen
  • Access to over 5000+ TV channels and over 2000+ radio channels.
  • No subscriptions, charges, or fees
  • One-time payment
  • Worldwide access in any time zone
  • Search and save your favorite channels as a list

What It Offers

As mentioned before, you have access to plenty of music from all over the world! You can enjoy watching a number of music channels, your favorite videos, and listen to the radio channels from over a dozen countries. Also, you can enjoy the music from different cultures―classical, jazz, punk rock, soft melodies, etc. You also have access to concerts, music nights, events, etc.

Kids’ Entertainment
There are a number of channels for kids. They can enjoy watching cartoons, animated movies, creative programs, and other kid-friendly channels. They can also watch educational programs and learn new things, like crafts, paints, cooking, foreign languages, science projects, etc.

There really isn’t any need to mention how much one would use this product for sports, is there? With this software, you can watch a multitude of sports channels, watch any game you like, viz., cricket, football, tennis, golf, soccer, boxing, etc. You can watch all the matches, either live or the highlights. You can watch international broadcasts too.

It is very essential to be aware of what is happening in the world. You can have access to a huge number of news channels, which will give you up-to-the-minute updates of what is happening in different countries. You can get information about everything, like weather, accidents, politics, ministry, religion, etc., 24 X 7.

The very purpose of buying this product―movies and entertainment! Enjoy a huge variety of movies and television channels from all over the world. Watch films from France to the US to Sweden to India and much, much more! Watch movies of all genres―comedy, tragedy, romance, drama, action, thriller, etc. You can also view educational films, short films, and documentaries.


The Positives

  • It has been reported to be an excellent product due to its beneficial features, like an easy installation and setup process, no fee/hidden charges for all the movie, music, and radio channels, and worldwide programming (since the computer is connected to the world wide web).
  • Also, it is easy to use and has a simple interface.
  • One can easily save his/her favorite programs list using this software.
  • There aren’t any significant performance issues; it gives a decent performance, but of course it is essential that the system requirements be complete.
  • The reception and connectivity for news and political channels is good. This software picks up many broadcast channels.

The Negatives

  • There have been quite a few users who claim that this application is overrated. Many people agree that the volume and quality of the channels you get to view is exaggerated.
  • Also, there is access to public type of shows, but popular music or sports channels are not so readily available. This software picks up looped old TV shows, foreign versions of once-popular shows, and old outdated movies.
  • Many users have also complained that the money-back guarantee of 30 days is not adhered to.
  • Also, it has been reported that the product falls short of actually delivering 1,000 channels, as it says so.
  • There have been times where some of the international broadcasting channels you would want wouldn’t stream in when you are online. You can receive errors when that particular station is not getting broadcast, and there isn’t much you can do about it, since not a lot of detail is included in the Help menu.
  • The video size can be a problem; the full-screen mode can appear a little choppy at times.


This product is basically a very good one, though it does have certain negatives. It all depends on how it works for you. If you get your favorite channels without any problem, well and good, but if you don’t, well, it isn’t exactly your loss as this product has enough channels and programs to make it an entertaining one.

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