Cool Poolside Gadgets You Must Have

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Cool Poolside Gadgets You Must Have

Summer’s here, and so are our poolside parties. Parties can be more fun if we have our lovable gadgets by our side, isn’t it? Take a look at the poolside gadgets that are desirable.

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In today’s world, staying for a few minutes without your gadgets seems to be an impossible task for a majority of people. And if this is the case, then parting for the whole day without gadgets can sound nightmarish to many instead of fun. What would you do if you had to go underwater? Thank your stars because our inventors have understood our underwater needs and have come up with some really cool poolside gadgets. Right from underwater coolers to snack floats, all gadgets that will make our lives comfortable while in the water are presented here. Keep your pen and paper handy, and take down the names of these gadgets that we, at Buzzle, have suggested. Buy them before your next poolside adventure.

Must-have Poolside Gadgets

* Prices mentioned in the article may vary.

Wireless Floating iPod Pool Speaker

They say music is the best healer. And when we are relaxing in the pool, we should be listening to our favorite song, shouldn’t we? For this, you should get a floating speaker that you can take along with you wherever you go in the pool. These speakers are water-resistant and have a built-in FM radio.

Our Choice: ION Water Rocker

Up to 10 speakers supported by single transmitter
Stereo, transmitter and speaker can be placed within 100-ft range
Supports audio devices other than iPhone and iPod

Available at: eBay, Amazon

Cost: $114.99 (eBay)

Motorized Pool Lounger

Floating on water is passé. Now, you can actually drive in your pool with these really cool pool loungers. They are equipped with motors, which have hand controls that help you to move in particular directions. They have special cup holders so that you can enjoy your drink while driving! Drinking and driving is allowed in this area! (wink)

Our Choice: Excalibur Motorized Pool Lounger with Foot Pump

Lounger dimensions are 42(L) X 28(W) X 28(H) in inches
Easy to use foot pump for easy inflation
Wide armrests

Available at: Amazon, Overstock

Cost: $103.99 (Overstock)

Underwater Light Starship

Your poolside party will need a disco light setup for sure. There are many underwater light starships available that can turn your pool into a disco. All you need to do is to float the starship into your pool and enjoy the different varieties of lighting effects. Many of these devices have an automatic “turn off” feature which can be preprogrammed. Thus, you can set a particular time to switch off the device.

Our Choice: GAME 3559 Underwater Light Starship

10 light shows out of which 5 are with rotation
Auto turn off feature for 1, 2, 3, or 4 hours
Requires four AA batteries

Available at: Amazon, PoolSupplyWorld

Cost: $23.99 (PoolSupplyWorld)

Radio Control Snack Float

Lazing in the pool can get so … well, lazy that we don’t even want to get out of the pool to help ourselves with a second serving of food or drinks. So, keeping this laziness in mind, the snack floats were made. These are nothing but our pool butlers, who will supply our food and drinks whenever we want them to.

Our Choice: Excalibur Electronics Radio Control Snack Float – Model# PR640S-1

Can carry up to 5 drinks and snacks
Can float in all directions and can make a 360 degree rotation as well
Keeps the drinks cool

Available at: Amazon

Floating Cooler

Want to grab your chilled can of beer while you are in the pool? Now, you don’t have to come out of the pool to get one, thanks to this floating cooler. These coolers hold your drinks along with ice. These can even carry your cups in the cup holders. These products are really handy and can be carried anywhere due to their unique carrying bag design.

Our Choice: Kelsyus Floating Cooler

Holds up to 18 cans of drinks or 12 cans of drinks plus ice
Has six cup holders
Folds into a carrying bag

Available at: Amazon, Kelsyus

Cost: $45.95 (Kelsyus)

Underwater Camera

Photographs are memories that can be cherished for a lifetime. Your moments underwater along with your near and dear ones should be captured. Underwater cameras are your partners in this feat. With almost all leading electronics companies having a wide range of underwater cameras, you can be spoiled for choice.

Our Choice: Olympus Tough TG-2

12MP lens with fast zoom feature
Full HD 1080p video capture
Slow-motion playback feature

Available at: Amazon, Olympus

Cost: £349.99 (Olympus)

Additional Cool Gadgets

Here are a few more gadgets that can be add-ons to your already existing gadgets.

Bluetooth Headphones

You can tune into your favorite music while you are swimming. These can withstand water submersion up to 3 ft.

Our Choice: H2O Audio Flex All Sport Waterproof Headphones

Available at: Amazon, LifeProof

Cost: $29.99 (LifeProof)

Handsfree Camcoder

If you have the inclination towards taking action shots while you are in the pool or resting by the poolside, then this is the accessory for you. These can be strapped to the helmets and can withstand submersion up to three meters.

Our Choice: Oregon Scientific ATC3K Waterproof Action Camera

Available at: Amazon, eBay

MP3 Player

The waterproof MP3 player enables you to listen to your music loaded on the player, while you are resting in the pool or by its side. Enjoy the music without having to worry about the damage that water can cause to your player.

Our Choice: Intova H2O Man Waterproof MP3 Player with Headphones

Available at: Amazon, SwimOutlet

Cost: $49.95 (SwimOutlet)

Wrist Camera

Wrist cameras are popular with the scuba diving community. But you can use it for capturing adventures while you are in the pool. These cameras have high resolution and can capture videos as well.

Our Choice: GoPro Digital HERO 5 Waterproof Wrist Camera

Available at: Amazon, Scubastore

Cost: $145.08 (Scubastore)

Glow Message Boards

Talking underwater is almost next to impossible, so how would you converse with your friends? Well, there are message boards that are neon-lit. You can scribble anything on these boards using special markers, and the neon light will ensure that your messages don’t go unnoticed.

Make sure you have all these gadgets in the right places, the next time you host or attend a poolside party. With so many options available to make your life fun in and around the pool, I am sure you would be already surfing the web to buy them.

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