Cool Cydia Apps That Have Lot More to Offer Than You Can Imagine

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Cool Cydia Apps

If you own an iPhone, iPod touch, or an iPad, you can’t afford to miss out on cool Cydia apps, like WinterBoard and My3G, which promise to add to the ‘cool quotient’ of your Apple products.

With thousands of apps and themes to its credit, the Cydia replacement software surely has a lot to offer. For those who don’t know, Cydia is a replacement software that gives the users an option of enhancing the performance and appearance of their Apple iPhone, iPod touch, and the iPad, by adding some cool apps and themes to them.

Now, that is not to say that the three Apple products mentioned here are ‘not’ cool. But then, you do get bored on being subjected to same thing over and over again. If you are one of those people who are bored of the monotonous apps offered by the official App Store, Cydia is the name you need to look out for.

How to Get Cydia on iPhone?
In order to add some of the best Cydia apps and themes to your device, you need to install the software onto it. Once you are done with the installation part, you will get to see the Cydia icon on your iPhone. When you tap on this icon, you will be guided to the Menu, where you will come across sources, packages, apps, themes, etc. In order to see which apps are available, you will have to go to packages, where you will find a list of apps to choose from. All throughout the downloading and installation process, you will be provided instructions which will make your task even easier.

Note: The fact that Cydia is made for iOS, the default operating system of the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad means the themes and apps it has to offer will be compatible to each of them. There might be a few exceptions though, especially in the case of Apple iPad, which has a relatively bigger screen. Other than that, your Cydia installation process is bound to be a smooth sail.

Cool Cydia Apps for iOS Devices
Going through the various repositories mentioned in the Cydia sources list will reveal that each of these are full of apps and themes; the number of which will go well beyond the thousand mark. Add to it the fact that new apps and themes are added to these repositories on a regular basis, and the list becomes even more exhaustive. While that’s good from the user’s perspective, it makes it difficult to choose the top apps. If you are facing this dilemma, you can simply resort to the list given below.

Cydia App Description
WinterBoard It helps you customize your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
ProSwitcher It facilitates switching between two apps with a single tap.
qTweeter You can update your Twitter and Facebook accounts using this app.
Quickreply With this app, you can reply to an SMS even while some other app is running in the background.
Safari Download Manager It helps you manage your downloads within iPhone Safari Browser.
dTunes You can download torrents and listen to music on the go using this app.
Cycorder With this app, you can record videos at 15 fps on your iPhone 3G
PwnPlayer It’s a media player that helps you watch videos with amazing clarity.
LogoMe You can use this app to change your iPhone’s boot logo to what you want.
Infinifolders One of the best utility apps, it helps you save more apps in the folders than what Apple permits.
IntelliScreen You can use this app to arrange all the shortcuts near ‘slide to unlock’ and access them with ease.
My3G It allows FaceTime calls over 3G even if you don’t have Wi-FI.
biteSMS You get a wide range of features which makes texting even more exciting.
Wi-Fi Sync It helps you sync your iPhone and iPod touch with iTunes without resorting to tethering.
Bossprefs You can use this utility app to hide apps that you don’t want on the screen.
123spoof It helps you make pranks call to people by spoofing a different number.
NES It turns your iPhone into a Nintendo video game console.
xGPS Yet another must-have utility app, it makes the task of navigating even easier.
TuneWiki With this app at your disposal, you get access to free iTunes.
Grooveshark If TuneWiki gives you access to iTunes, the Grooveshark app gives you access to the Grooveshark video library.

Other than these apps, you can download some of the best themes Cydia has to offer. Like apps, even these themes will add to the cool quotient of your Apple products. In the worst case scenario, if you don’t like this replacement software and the apps it offers, you can always revert to the original service.

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