Computer Display Settings

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Computer Display Settings

Once you have figured out how to adjust your computer’s display, you can add a personalized touch to your monitor’s appearance. There are 5 main tabs that will help you to reset the display.

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The display settings of your computer determine how the screen will appear to you. The desktop background and the screen saver appearance, will depend on the ones that you fix.

The options that are available for these settings depends on the operating system that you use. If you have the newest and the latest operating systems, there will be many options available, to adjust them on the computer monitor.

The most beneficial thing about being able to reset the settings is that, you can add a personal touch to your PC. The way the computer physically looks to you can be determined by adjustments, which you have made on your desktop computer, laptop, or notebook computer.

Before you begin the process of actually adjusting the settings, you must know how to access the display settings dialog box. For this, you need to press the right click button on an empty space, on the screen. From the resulting box that pops open, you need to select the ‘properties’ option.

Available Options

You will find that the dialog box thus opened contains 5 general tabs on the top. They will help you adjust your display and solve all the related problems. Here are the available tabs.


This option allows you to choose a theme out of an existing collection of background colors, for your applications, sounds when you click on certain buttons, the way the icons look on your screen, and other elements. There are a few preset themes available with every operating system, and you can even download new ones, to further personalize your monitor.


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This option allows you to decide the background picture on your desktop. You can choose one of the many preset pictures, you can add your own pictures, or else you can download some pictures online too.

The browse button allows you to find the desired picture on your hard drive, and then select it. You can also choose its position on the computer screen. The 3 options available to you are stretch, center, and tile.


This tab allows you to decide what the type of screensaver, which will be visible on your screen, if it’s left idle for a stipulated amount of time. You can also decide this particular time from this tab. There is also an option available for you to preview the screen saver, before you actually decide on one.


It helps you to choose the appearance of your various screen colors and fonts. Three options are further available in this tab: windows and buttons, color schemes, and font size.


It allows you to adjust things like display resolution (which is the same as the computer display size), color, and other technical troubleshooting tips. Some advanced changes may require you to restart your computer, and it is imperative that you do so immediately, in order for the changes to take place.

Operating this dialog box is a fairly simple task, and it enables you to enhance your viewing experience while working on your PC. The more you change your display settings, the easier it will be for you to readjust them in the future.

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