Choosing the Best Church Management Software

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Choosing the Best Church Management Software

Large churches, like any organization, also have administrative and financial functions which can be better handled using a good church management software. This article tells you how to find the best software available…

Nowadays, managing an organization cannot be done using a heap of files and traditional methods. This is true especially when activities of the organization are carried out on a large scale and have many practices to be recorded. Can this workload be handled using a software? Today, you will find software for almost all tasks such as data management, time management, financial management, resource management, and so on that are the responsibilities of an organizations like a church. These computer applications certainly reduce the hassle of managing and recording each task individually. These software are not only used for business management, but also for carrying out the administration of large churches.

What is a Church Management Software?

Just like businesses, large churches also have to be administered. Big churches are kind of non-profit entities wherein personnel details, finances, and expenses needs to be recorded. Software that are specifically intended to be used for church administration purposes are known as church management software. These software are like an ERP, and consist of various packages for handling membership, events, songs and music management, and other tasks that are associated to strategic planning for churches. They are mainly handled by church administrators and pastors.

Choosing Church Management Software

When it comes to choosing the right kind of software for church administration, you need to opt for one which has additional facilities over traditional ones. Choose a software that has accounting facilities as well as automated databases for tracking membership and their contributions and monthly tithes. Some software even have web mapping features to get proper directions to a member’s house.

Another feature to look at is program management. Using this package, you are able to schedule occasional events efficiently like, recording attendance, contribution, expenses, speakers and pastors, etc. Good software for churches will also have inventory modules which will enable administrators to track daily expenses and the supplies available and required. There are a few applications which enable backup reports to be stored directly to a set destination.

These applications may even have email and SMS integration which makes it easier to send messages to church groups. For example, to inform about a young people’s meet, the person can just choose a particular group in the membership database and send the message across. It is better if you know the details of how the church works to decide on the modules to opt for. You can check for the feature which allows automated notifications to be sent to all members in case of a special occasion of any members.

Most software come with a demo version, which can be used before buying it. You can use the demo versions of different software to know which one suits your needs the best. Select a software which is powerful and at the same time has an easy-to-use interface. Make sure it is a permission-based software, which will keep data privacy. In this way, a young choir member would not have access to the financial records of tithes.

You can choose from two types of software such as web and desktop oriented. If you choose one that runs on an online database, you can access it from any computer connected to the web. However, make sure the database is secure and reliable. On the other hand, if you choose a desktop oriented application for church management, you can only access it from specific systems which have it installed. Here, you will get utmost data privacy and security. The following part of the article gives you a list of the best software for churches.

Best Church Management Software

  • Church Helpmate
  • ParishSOFT
  • Logos II
  • Acolyte Church Management
  • ChurchSoft
  • Church Secretary Pro
  • Bellwether Church Administration Software
  • Church Partner
  • ChurchInsight
  • ChurchLedger

To choose the best software, you first need to discuss with the pastors about the requirements and expectations. There are even specific software available for handling the operations of ministries, youth, worship, and presentation separately. Choose a software which along with the above mentioned features would offer you customizable options. In this way, you can set the application to be used as per the needs of the church.

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