How to Find a Cheap PS3 Controller

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How to Find a Cheap PS3 Controller

An extra controller can come in handy, when more players drop in for a game. In this article, we show you where to shop for inexpensive controllers, for the PS3.

Gaming is an expensive hobby, as most of you might have discovered, while shopping for consoles, accessories, and games themselves. Also, gaming is increasingly more addictive and tempting with devices like PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, and Xbox 360 released. They have taken gaming to an entirely new level. In such a scenario, it helps if you can exercise some economy in purchasing gaming accessories. Having just one controller for your PS3 is no fun, when you have loads of multiplayer games.

Sony PS3 controllers (DualShock 3 Wireless) cost about USD 44 to USD 50, if you buy them new. You can have an inexpensive one, at an even lesser price, if you only know where to look. PS3 is built to support as many as seven wireless controllers simultaneously. It helps, if you have an additional controller as a spare. It can be put to good use, when there are more players.

Where Can You Find Cheap Ones

The channels for sale of consumer electronic goods are wide ranging today, extending to the online marketplace. People are increasingly preferring to buy and sell on the Internet, as it gives them exposure to a wider customer base and more opportunities. With the global marketplace open before them, online sales are slowly picking up.

Search Online Electronic Stores

There are many online electronic stores like Amazon, that provides most products at discounted prices, with free shipping. New products can be bought at substantial discounts and used ones are also available. You are bound to get used cheap controllers on Amazon. Currently, a used Sony DualShock 3 Wireless Controller is available at a price of around USD 29. There are many other stores like Amazon, that you should check out.

Use Google Product Search

The Google search engine has made it even easier for online buyers to locate goods, by starting a new search feature called ‘Google Product Search’. If you search there, for an inexpensive controller, you will get a list of related deals available on the Internet, with price tags. You can choose from a wide range of deals, that are normally available at any point of time.

Search Online Auction Sites

Another way of cornering a cheap controller deal, is to search on online auction sites like eBay. Some people prefer selling used gadgets and other such accessories, directly through eBay, rather than handing them over to online dealers. You can directly interact with the seller and get a controller, at a low cost.

Online Classifieds

Another place to keep an eye on cheap deals is Craigslist. Here, you may find some deals offered by people.

Buy Alternative Consoles

You always have the option of going for controllers that are not manufactured by Sony, but are completely compatible with PS3 and work just about fine. They are certainly a lot cheaper than the Sony products.

Thus, you can find a cheap controller through the online marketplace. When you want things at a lower price, you need to be patient. With a large secondhand resale market for PS3 accessories, a device with just the right price is bound to turn up.

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