Cheap Laptops Under $100

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Cheap Laptops Under $100

Laptops are essential electronic devices today, and there are many people who wish to purchase cheap laptops that cost as little as $100. There are many reasons why this need may arise, and there are a few sources that can help you out in this endeavor…

If you need a new laptop urgently but are a little hard pressed for cash right now and do not want to spend an extravagant amount, you can possibly pick out a mediocre machine that costs close to the $100 mark. It goes without saying that these machines will not be as reliable and functional as a brand spanking new laptop, but it should suffice for the time being. If your need for a laptop is really pressing, then you will not mind spending about $100 and getting a machine as a stopgap measure.

The sources for getting cheap laptop are bound to be limited in number and their reliability is also questionable. So it will be helpful for you to procure more details about the machine before you purchase it. You will most certainly be settling for a machine that has already been used by somebody before, so there are definitely going to be some issues that you will not face with a new machine.

Cheap Laptops for Sale Under 100 Dollars

The easiest source is the Internet. There are various auction websites (eBay in particular) where you can get very good deals for all the products you are looking for. Finding a laptop that fits in your budget is not that difficult, and you will be surprised at the number of search results that will crop up. To carry out this transaction over the Internet though, you will need to sign up with these auction sites and they may charge you a small fee for that purpose.

Bear in mind that no one would be selling a laptop for such a cost unless there is something drastically wrong with the machine, or unless the laptop is really old. You cannot expect to buy the latest machine in the market with highly advanced specifications for such a low amount. So you need to get to the bottom of the reason why that particular individual is selling his laptop for such a small amount.

If possible, you must inspect the machine before you purchase it, and also switch it on for yourself. In most cases this will not be possible because the owner of the laptop may be residing a fair distance away from you. But you need to ensure that you are at least getting a machine that switches on and works and carries out all basic functions. If you are unable to locate a machine suitable for you, then you may need to increase your budget a bit more.

Here are some potential models that you may find over the Internet in this price range. Their specifications are quite ordinary to look at, but these machines certainly provide enough value for money.

  • Dell Latitude C400 – This machine has a 866 MHz Intel Pentium 3 Processor, 20 GB Hard Disk space, 256 MB RAM and a 12.1 inches display screen.
  • Toshiba Tecra M2 – With a 1.4 GHz Intel Pentium Processor, 512 MB RAM, 30 GB Hard Disk space and a 14 inches display screen, this laptop represents great value for money.
  • HP Pavilion N5415 – This machine will come equipped with a 500 MHz Intel Single Core Processor, 10 GB Hard Disk space, 256 MB RAM and a 14 inches display screen.
  • IBM T42 – This is one of the best deals that you can get with a 1.7 GHz Intel Single Core Processor, 40 GB Hard Disk space, 512 MB RAM and a 15 inches display screen.

Note that the prices of all these machines and many more are subject to the offer that is deemed appropriate by the seller. Though the bidding for them on eBay and other websites will start well below $100, the price may go up as well depending on the demand for them.

Plenty More Options

With that in mind, here are some good deals that you can locate over the Internet if you search at the right places. Many more options would also arise, but note that the prices for these machines may vary as they are dependent on several factors. Also be aware of the risk of purchasing such machines before you actually go ahead and commit yourself to one.

  • Dell Inspiron 3800: 600MHz Intel Pentium III processor, 14.1″ display screen, 256MB RAM and a 5GB hard drive.
  • Compaq EVO N800: 1.6GHz Intel Pentium IV processor, 512MB RAM, 20GB hard drive and 14″ screen size.
  • Sony VAIO VGN-FE550G: 1.66GHz Intel Core Duo processor, 1GB RAM, 100GB hard drive and 15.4″ screen size.
  • Toshiba NB205 N325BL: 1.66GHz Intel Atom processor, 1GB RAM, 160GB hard drive and 10.1″ screen size.
  • Acer Aspire One D225E: 1.66GHz Intel Atom N455 processor, 1GB RAM, 250GB hard drive and 10.1″ display screen.
  • Apple iBook G4: 1.33GHz PowerPC processor, 40GB hard disk, 512MB RAM and 12.1″ screen size.
  • Compaq Armada M700: 500MHz Intel Pentium III processor, 128MB RAM, 20GB hard drive and 14.1″ screen size.

Other Considerations

Another option for you is to purchase a refurbished model from a friend of yours. Maybe you can even talk to a computer dealer and purchase one of their old machines for a price that suits you. If you go down this road, you need to compromise on the quality of the machine though. As mentioned above, you cannot expect a high-end laptop at this price, so you will inadvertently end up purchasing a laptop whose specifications will look paltry in comparison with the advanced laptops that are available in the market. But for students in particular, these deals will be worthwhile as they will most certainly be on the lookout for good laptop deals on a tight budget.

These laptops are guaranteed to be used by someone before, and the reliability of your machine will depend on the source where you are getting the laptop from, and how well you examine and inspect the machine before purchasing it. For this reason, you need to buy the machine from a source that has been recommended to you by someone. If you are buying the machine online, buy it from a website with whom someone you know has dealt with before.

Study the configuration of the machine as well, and determine if this is suitable for you. You will have to sacrifice the need for more memory space and a faster processor though, because these are expensive components of any personal computer.

This is not something you should resort to, unless you are really desperate for one. Make really sure that you will need and use a machine with such poor configurations, else it will just amount to a waste of $100. Remember, compromises will need to be made, and you need to be assured of the quality of the machine that you are purchasing. Settling for anything lesser will severely restrict your usage of the machine, its shelf life and also increase the amount of money you would inevitably have to shell out for the purpose of repair and replacement.

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