Cell Phone Signatures for Guys

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Cell Phone Signatures for Guys

Assigning a signature or catch-phrase to the end of your SMSs serves as a great identifier and style, that makes your messaging style one of a kind. Scroll below for some masculine signature ideas.

When you say “Legen.. wait for it.. Dary!”, who comes to mind? How I Met Your Mother’s Barney Stinson of course! Other famous phrases include “Beam me up, Scotty!” or “Houston, we have a problem”. What if you could add or use such phrases in your SMSs as a sign-off or signature? You can and you should. This form of mobile or cell phone messaging etiquette is called a cell phone signature. Coming up with a catchy phrase or a cool sign-off can seem difficult at first. But soon you’ll be pressed for choice.


Use your first or last name or both. This is a no-nonsense type of signature and is ideal for sending formal messages or SMSs to work people who you are not very familiar with or bosses and people in charge, casual acquaintances, people you are meeting for the first time – basically anyone who does not know you very well or if the situation warrants it. For example, if you are messaging your boss about work, it does not make a good impression if your cell phone signature reads “Stop me if you can”! Or while contacting a potential client or asking for a job interview, a signature like “Born to be wild” can be disastrous. Saving an SMS template with your full name as your cell phone signature ensures that the wrong signature isn’t sent to the wrong person or group. Signing off your SMS with your full names gives a mature tone to the message and leaves a good impression of you to the recipient.

Now for messaging friends and buds, relax. Full names are way too formal; you need to express your individuality. Be as creative as possible when it comes to creating a signature. Get inspired from your favorite and not-so favorite books, music, movies or random objects. Your hero, heroine, fictional character from a movie, novel or what genre of music you like… the possibilities are endless. How about an acronym? Signing off as “R.I.P”, which expands to Rot in Pieces or how about “R.T.T.E” which is Rocker To The End ? You can even use your initials and change their expansion. An acronym leaves everyone guessing as to what the phrase means and you can act all mysterious and spy-like. Use a different language for some hip and cool phrases. Another way to get cool signatures is to pick a song or album and use a line from the lyrics. For example, if you like punk rock, how about using the phrase “Cut my life into pieces” from Papa Roach’s Last Resort? Below are some common phrases and words that can be or be a part of your cell phone signature.

Here are some sample phrases that make cool cell phone signatures:

• Sludge Fest
• God of War
• The Driving Force
• Invincible Iron Giant
• El Cid
• Diablo
• Ghetto Lord
• Lightning God
• Filthy Freak
• Limp Wussed Kid
• Bond Bazinga
• Sludge Fest
• Liche King
• The Eye of Sauron
• Johnny Storm
• Go for Barney
• King of the Hill
• Party Animal
• Lordi Rulz
• Brazen Bull
• Force of Nature
• Slave for Metallica
• Rock God
• Audentes Fortuna Iuvat (Latin for “fortune favors the bold”) • A Rolling Stone
• The Devil’s Spawn
• I’m Shady
• Non Timebo Mala (Latin for “I will fear no evil”)
• Lycan_Lord_Lestat
• El Cartel
• King of Karma
• Maker of Mayhem
• In Your Face
• Nerzhul
• DarkNite
• Prince of Darkness
• Striped Tiger
• Spartan Stud
• Sicko King
• Live to Party
• Valhalla Scourge
• Mephisto
• Heartbreaker
• Hell Being
• Cogito Ergo Sum (Latin for “I think, therefore I am”)

Plain text at the end of your message does not count as a cell phone signature. Signatures have to be “blinged” or decorated with symbols. Cell phones have an exhaustive library of symbols, icons, smileys, emoticons, special characters, symbolic codes etc. Also use old favorites such as 🙂 or 🙂 by combining “:”, “(“, “)” and other grammar codes. Symbols add panache and attitude to a plain textual phrase or word. To illustrate, below are some “symbolized” cell phone signatures for men.

<<♦♦Top Dawg♦♦>>
Gangsta 4 Life

Keep changing your signatures on a weekly or monthly basis, to be noticed. On the other hand, keeping the same signature for a long time, can make it your catch-phrase or motto. Whatever the phrase or signature, there’s no denying the appeal and the style factor of adding one to your cell phone messages.

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