Can Facebook Cause Divorce?

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Can Facebook Cause Divorce?

With social networking sites creeping into bedrooms, it is only natural to wonder, can Facebook cause divorce? Read on to know how Facebook affects a relationship and whether it can lead to a separation.

In the past few decades divorce rates have been on the rise without any debate. With packed family courts and growing industry of divorce attorneys, the trend of families falling apart, narrates a tragic story. A divorce is just a separation on paper. However, rift that causes two people to head separate ways is one that exists for a long time. Many times, couples do not want to see this divide as they believe things to just fall into place. The latest fuel to the fire is the influx of social networking sites. It is true that these portals provide an opportunity to many to connect or reconnect with friends and families, but at a risk of developing romantic relations which can jeopardize existing ones. So, can Facebook cause divorce? Well, let’s find out.

Relationship Between Facebook and Divorce

Constant Connectivity

The power of social networking has had a huge impact on the romance we see today. In several cases, relationships first start in virtual world. The reach of social networking platforms, helps a user connect with old friends, find new friends and reconnect with old flames. As these sites allow you to be in touch with people constantly, they give you an opportunity to forge emotional bonds with people of opposite sex, without actually realizing it. Most Facebook addicts actually live their lives on the sites, putting up every insipid detail about themselves through status updates.

What’s on Your Mind

So, when Facebook asks you, ‘what’s on your mind’, it can be written in a cryptic code, but when the same question is asked by your partner, it is conveniently ignored. When your spouse begins to spend more time on a social networking or a messenger than with you, it is a sign of emotional distance in a relationship. Today, with fancy phones, accessing Facebook from your bedroom is not only easy, but quick too. Additionally, you may think that social networking is all about putting yourself out there for public scrutiny. However, messengers and messages, make Facebook relationships a totally hushed up and a private affair.

Easy Relationships

It is easy to develop relationships over the Internet, as faking who you are is a lot simpler. Thus, pouring your heart out to someone you’ve just met or someone you knew a long time ago is always convenient. It allows an easy escape from reality of your ruined or estranged relationship. A virtual life, cleverly remains secluded from reality and away from your spouse. Thus, these secret affairs cause, add the unwanted restraint in relationships.

Repercussions of Emotional Cheating

As your spouse starts cheating by developing a virtual relationship, he will make extra effort to be online. If the relationship soon becomes real, as it will go beyond meeting online. Real time dating is a repercussion of virtual relationships. This will soon create a physical distance between the two of you, further aggravating the problem.

Extramarital affairs over Facebook or developing any kind of romantic liaisons over a social networking site can pose the greatest threat to your existing relationship. However, you need to remember that cheating isn’t a one way street. It takes two to tango. It was because you couldn’t understand your partner or give time to your relationship that it is now falling apart. A site as such cannot cause a divorce. Separation, is result of lack of communication, trust, emotional bonding and physical attraction. Thus, it is the attitude towards a relationship which matters, more than whether your spouse is active on Facebook or no. A rend in a relationship can always be mended with patience, belief and a collective effort.

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