How to Burn AVI Files to a DVD on a Mac

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How to Burn AVI Files to a DVD on a Mac

Mac users, looking for a software solution to convert and burn AVI files to DVDs, will find what they are looking for, in here.

AVI is the abbreviated form of Audio Video Interleave, a video format, introduced by Microsoft. Files encoded in this format are labeled with ‘.avi‘. Videos recorded on digital camcorders generally use it. Mac users who need to watch their favorite movies or home videos in AVI format, on a DVD player, need to convert and burn them. In what follows, that’s exactly what we intend to help you with.

Converting and Burning AVI Files to a DVD

Before you burn AVI files onto a DVD, you need to convert them to an appropriate format. This is extremely easy on a Mac, and all you need to do is purchase an appropriate software. You may purchase and use Xilisoft AVI to DVD Converter, ImTOO AVI to DVD Converter, or any similar software program from the Internet, to help convert your files. You need to run the setup files and install them on your system. Once this is done, you need to open the program and add the files you need to convert. The graphic user interface of both programs is easy to understand. You should follow the instructions for each software, as they may vary slightly from the standard process.

To burn DVDs, you have to select the DVD type first. Select the DVD capacity, that is, DVD-5 (4.7 GB) or DVD-9 (8.5 GB). The next step is creating a DVD Menu. You can select the DVD Template from the ‘Template’ tab, which is usually at the right side of the software window. You can edit it as you want and then move on to conversion.

Make sure you preview the files, that you are planning to burn, and insert a blank disc in your DVD Drive. Next, click on ‘Burn’. This will start the burning process. The software will begin to convert and burn the file on your blank DVD. You need to have enough temporary space on your operating system to ease the conversion and burning process.

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