Broken Laptop Screen Repair

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Broken Laptop Screen Repair

Are you suffering from the broken laptop screen syndrome and your stress levels have hit the roof? Not to worry there is a very simple solution to your predicament.

Why on earth would you drop your laptop in the first place? Why! OK, alright I get it, sometimes they just slip off, especially when you’re talking on the phone as well as surfing the net or when you doze off while working on the laptop. These things happen, especially with slender laptop computers. A cracked or a broken laptop screen usually always needs a mandatory replacement of the screen with a new one. Because there is no other way of fixing it. Though you can use a second-hand one which is in good condition so that you spend half the price for it.

Instructions to Repair a Broken Laptop Screen

You may replace the laptop screen on your own, provided you have dealt with electronics before. Don’t just try to experiment in order to save money or else you might end up causing more harm than any good. All you’ll require in order to fix the laptop is a new laptop screen and a small screwdriver and a magnet to keep the tiny nuts from getting lost. Follow the instructions so as to fix your broken or cracked laptop screen:

  • Try to restart the laptop a couple of times or trouble-shoot it, if it still doesn’t work then the screen has gone bad.
  • First of all, check if the internal hardware and wiring haven’t got damaged.
  • To make sure, connect your laptop’s VGA port to an external monitor. And check all the internal devices and hard disk memory through it. If the external monitor still shows random images and bold colors, then your video card has gone bad.
  • Check that the computer hardware is alright and nothing else has broken, apart from the cracked laptop screen.
  • In case the image on the external monitor is blurry or faint then the inverter may have malfunctioned. It may also be due to malfunction in the laptop’s back-light.
  • Try to open and close your laptop’s flap a couple of time, if the back-light still don’t respond, then try to pry out the tiny back-light button from under the latch at the corner of the laptop’s hinge.
  • To begin repairing, first switch OFF the laptop battery and all-electric supply.
  • Laptop screens have LCD, which are made up of tiny crystals that make the image displayed sharp and clear. When your laptop falls these crystals may get destroyed or displaced. Such a damage cannot be rectified and thus the screen should be replaced.
  • Now, in order to replace the screen, first remove the protective outer cover. Gradually unscrew the tinny nuts and remove the cover from the screen with a scale or swipe card.
  • Once again unscrew the laptop LCD screen nuts and slowly detach it from the frame.
  • Now, replace the old screen with the new LCD screen and refit the wires and other cords back to their original place.
  • Your cracked laptop screen has been replaced back to normal.

Laptop Screen Costs

A brand new laptop screen will cost you anywhere between $500 to $1000, it would be better if you find out the type of screen and its dimensions before purchasing a new one. Make sure, that the screen fits the laptop’s frame perfectly. Make sure, that the defect is because of the crack itself, since a blank screen or other laptop screen problems may indicate a bigger threat such as internal software damage. Therefore you may have to get your computer motherboard checked. If possible, ask a friend who knows about this field to take a look and check your computer for you. Though it’s safer to consult a professional.

There is no doubt, that computer repairs usually end up being very expensive. Though, fixing a broken laptop screen need not, as all you need to do is to try to find a secondhand screen that is a perfect match with your laptop. That way you need not purchase a new one. A second-hand laptop screen will end up being almost 50% cheaper as compared to a brand new one.

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