How to Hide Your Number From Caller ID

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How to Hide Your Number From Caller ID

After you block your caller ID, your number would not be displayed on the receiver’s cell phone screen. However, how exactly can you avail this service? This article contains some useful information for the same.

Sometimes, we are compelled to hide our identity on the receiver’s cell phone caller ID. This could be for business purposes, privacy reasons, or sometimes to play harmless pranks! Unfortunately, some people do it for illegal or bad reasons too. However, let us see the procedure in detail. Many of us think that it is difficult (and some think it is impossible) to block caller ID on cell phones. However, let me tell you it is easy. It is neither a technical job, nor does it require much time. The service gets updated immediately. You just need to follow the instructions given below for the same.

How to Block Cell Phone Caller ID

Blocking the receiver’s caller ID cell phone is easy and just a phone call away. Here are the steps involved in it.

  • The best way to block your caller ID on cell phones is to block the line. The first step is to call the customer care service of your service provider and inquire whether they provide such line blocking facilities to their service users.
  • If yes, then the customer care representative would ask you specific questions in order to confirm your user identity and then start the service for you.
  • With the execution of this facility, your number will not be displayed on the receiver’s cell phone caller ID.
  • In case, for a particular call, you want your phone number to be displayed, then you just need to dial *82, before making a call and then the receiver would be able to see your number on his caller ID.
  • This was blocking caller ID on cell phone, permanently. You can avail this facility on a temporary basis too. This is also easy, you just need to dial *67, before making a call. Doing so, your phone number will be hidden for that particular call.
  • However, remember that, in this case you would not be able to know, whether the facility has worked. Therefore, as a trial you could try this thing with your friend’s mobile phone.
  • Once confirmed, you can proceed to make the actual call.

Blocking cell phone caller ID is a privilege for the users and therefore, as responsible citizens and users, we need to ensure that we are not using this facility for anti-social activities. This is because, if the receiver files a complaint or if any such thing is noticed by the law, then it is not very difficult to trace the number and repercussions for the same would be very serious.

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