Best Web Browsers For Windows Phone

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Best Web Browsers For Windows Phone

Looking to surf the web on your brand new Windows Phone, but don’t know which browser to use? Well, help is at hand. This Techspirited article lists the best browsers for Windows Phone for you to choose from.

Windows to Success!

According to figures released by Gartner for Q3 of 2013, Windows Phone accounts for 3.3% of the market share in the mobile industry.

Figuratively speaking, Windows Phone, probably, is the tortoise amongst the fast-paced hares of the mobile OS world. While the OS was left far behind by its competition for quite a while, Windows Phone is finally covering a lot of ground, and is now inching towards its rivals. This is arguably the most fluid and undoubtedly, the most good looking of all the mobile OSs. You would be wrong to assume that the OS is all about looks and little functionality. Windows Phone has a good developer base that is steadily growing.

Mobile phones are fast becoming the medium of choice to access the Internet. A good thing then, that Windows Phone has this well covered. While the default IE browser works just fine, it lacks a lot of features found on other browsers. Read on, to find out about the top browsers for Windows Phone in the market today.

Maxthon Cloud Browser

Maxthon made a rather late entry on the Windows Phone platform, but one that gave the developer time to further improve on the much-acclaimed browser. Unlike other browsers on the platform, Maxthon brings in ‘cloud browsing’ which lets you sync (once you sign in) your browser history and favorites with the Maxthon browser on your computer or other device. Its Quick Access feature takes a leaf out of the Live Tiles UI, and brings in similar animation. It also brings in great gesture control, which enables you to navigate through the browser with simple swipes.


UC Browser

With over 500 million users worldwide across all major platforms, UC Browser is amongst the most popular browsers around. It brings in a Speed Mode which helps cut down on data usage by rendering and compressing web pages on their servers and providing speedier access to the sites. It supports the desktop view, which lets you view pages as you would on a computer. Another cool feature is the ability to cache online videos to your phone, which can then be viewed offline. UC Browser also offers UDisk, a cloud storage service for your data, wherein you can save all your downloads (up to 6 GB) on the cloud.



Surfy is one of the most intuitive browsers around. It lets you download files in the background while you surf through other pages, and even has its own download manager. It also has a private browsing mode which can be very useful for those who are concerned about their online privacy. It comes with a cool shake to refresh option. Surfy lets you download YouTube videos, without the need for another app. Perhaps the best feature of the browser is its Text to Speech player, which reads out content from the websites.


Nexus Mini Browser

Last but certainly not the least on our list, is the Nexus Mini Browser. This is a rather minimalistic browser which chooses functionality over looks. The browser is fast and easy to navigate. It has support for JavaScript and even plays Full HD videos on YouTube, thanks to its support for hardware acceleration. It lets you open multiple tabs and even allows for private browsing.


Armed with these browsers, you can enjoy web browsing to the fullest. So, what are you waiting for? Surf’s up, get browsing!

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