Best Laptop Brands for College Students

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Computers or laptops are fast becoming a necessity for all college students. But while deciding, it's always suggested to go through computer reviews and compare the specifications and prices. This article would tell you why your requirement is important in selecting a laptop model among the top laptop brands.

Like selecting any electronic device, even selecting a laptop computer is not an easy task and can get very overwhelming for college students as well as their parents. With a wide variety of brands and models available in the market, it’s easy to be fooled by the flashy ads of most brands. It is always best to do a bit of homework and read reviews about the laptops ideal for college students. But find out first whether your college allows use of laptops and notebooks in the classroom. For most freshmen, a desktop computer or a laptop is required for class notes, for completing homework and for research.

It is important to first decide whether you require a desktop or a laptop, as both come with some advantages and disadvantages. Some of the top laptop brands for college students are Dell, Sony, HP and Lenovo. Consult your college website or your professor for the specific requirements for your major, and in some cases you might have limited options. But if you just need a portable computer for taking notes in class without any specific requirements, then this article would be your best guide:

Tips for Choosing

Specifications: First find out what software and computer hardware is required for your college work.
Internet Connection: Find out whether your campus provides wireless internet facility.
Size: The requirement of the laptop, whether it is mostly used at a stationary place or carried around, as this becomes the deciding factor while considering its size. If you travel frequently with a laptop, then always choose one below 15″. If you need more convenience, then it is better to go for a notebook computer.
Cost: The budget you have, will decide the additional features and components in a laptop. Most of the laptops for college students come with price tag around $1000 and usually satisfies the requirements.

Best Laptop Brands for Gaming

Most students love gaming laptops, so if the budget permits, and you are looking for a laptop for dual use, both for academic and gaming purposes, look for a laptop with very high-speed computer processor, and a high memory to run heavy graphic files. The best for gaming are:

  • HP: Models HP Pavilion HDX 16t and HP Pavilion HDX Dragon
  • Dell: Models Dell Inspiron XPS and Dell Alienware M17X
  • ASUS: Model Asus Republic of Gamers G73Jh
  • MSI: Model MSI GT660R

Best Laptop Brands for Engineering Students

Four things should be considered before buying a laptop for engineering students. The ease of use, design, heat and connectivity options. Even in engineering, the mechanical engineering field would have a different requirement from computer engineering field. But, in general, the best laptop brands for engineering students are:

  • ASUS: Models ASUS UL30Vt-A1 and ASUS UL30A X5
  • Toshiba: Models Toshiba Satellite M500 and Toshiba Satellite Pro A300
  • Dell: Models Dell Studio XPS 13 and16
  • Acer: Models Acer Gateway NV7802u and Acer AS5740-6025

Best Laptop for College Students 20100

Each model varies in some particular specifications. So the best for you would be as per your need. Many models of Sony, HP and Dell have been listed as the top brands for college students, for three years in a row. Some of them are:

  • Sony VAIO CW
  • Acer AS5740-6025
  • Lenovo ThinkPad T400
  • Dell Studio 15 (1558)
  • Acer Aspire AS1410-8414
  • HP Pavilion dv6t series

It is not easy to name one as the best laptop brand. There are plenty of choices when it comes to buying a laptop, so give your requirement the first priority. Even if a brand is listed among the top, never buy the brand you dislike. And, choose one keeping in mind that you would use it for at least three years. Regardless of your requirements and budget, carry out a research and make a price comparison to take a wiser decision. Some brands give very lucrative laptop deals for freshmen, so check these offers to get good value for your money.

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