Best Keyboards for Android

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Best Keyboards for Android

For Fandroids who are ‘textually active’, puzzle out the best Android keyboard applications which totally ‘speak out your mind’!

While technology aficionados are still high over the various Android phones zooming in the market, there have been a lot of customizations made in their operating systems as per the users’ needs; one of the most prominent ones being the keyboard! Nowadays, Android phones have smart, uncanny, and extremely fast data entering features, for better usage and convenience of their devotees.

While the best keyboard option debate from all perspectives is soaring high, this article presents some of the most sought after keyboards which have set the Android market ablaze. They’ll smartly recognize what’s on your mind. No tapping required, you just type it down once, and your phone will remember every word you enter!

A Review

We have reviewed some of the coolest keyboard applications for you which are given below.

SwiftKey Beta: Multi-lingual Uproar!

The moment you set it on your phone, it’ll offer a number of language packs just for your convenience. What’s more, its intelligent prevision will make you crazy! This app makes use of the TouchType’s Fluency technology, for its prediction of each word that a user wants to enter, even before he presses the key. It’s fast, accurate, and smart. It gets the gist of every sentence typed, and accordingly, offers suggestions for the next word.

Smart Keyboard Pro: Landscape Texting Simplified!

In terms of accuracy, this app stands parallel to the iPhone. Its responsiveness to quick texting makes it one of the best choices. What’s more, it has additional options to enhance the spell-checker too. You can easily switch symbols by toggling them on/off as per your need, as this application comes with a swiping to switching conversion feature.

Swype Keyboard: Stop Typing, Go Swyping!

Are you fond of using record-breaking features for just about anything you have? If yes, then Swype is what you need. It has made its name in the Guinness Book of World Records for the fastest speed. Its simple, yet quick speed makes you fall in love with it, and you cannot afford to go back to your old mundane error-prone keyboard!

Better Keyboard: It Couldn’t Have Been ‘Better’!

Version 7.0 of this keyboard is one of the must-have Android apps, thanks to the new enhancements and features which are introduced in it. You can easily use it by swiping the space bar. Also, it has some great speech input updates, and a phenomenal auto-suggest dictionary.

HTC_IME Keyboard: Your Personal Word-Web!

If you haven’t heard about this one, trust me, you’ve got to try it at least once! It pops-up word choices while you’re typing, which makes it a favorite one among Android users. While its calibration makes way for the press area accuracy, it also offers excellent word predictions. If you’re much into using special characters, this app is a very good option for you!

Given below is a list of some other replacements, which can potentially offer you a break from those boring error-prone keyboards:

  • EvenBetter Keyboard
  • TapTap Keyboard
  • Shape Writer
  • Paw Paw
  • Top Keyboard
  • TouchPal Keyboard
  • SlideIT Keyboard

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