Best iPod Touch Apps for Kids

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Best iPod Touch Apps for Kids

The iPod touch is not just suitable for teens looking to store their treasures of music, but also perfect for kids who just want to while away some time. Read on for some of the apps available on this PMP that are most loved by kids…

The Apple iPod Touch has slowly become the best PMP (Portable Music Player) in the market today, and this is all down to Apple giving the device many truly unbelievable features. Gone are the days when the iPod could just play music; today it can play videos, movies, play tons of great games, download and install great iPod applications, and also surf the web. And lest we forget, all of this on the unbelievably sharp and clear Retina Eye display developed by Apple.

The Apple App Store has more than 300,000 apps and games to pick from, and there is something for everyone in this store. Kids love using the iPod Touch thanks to its marvelous display and the wide range of educational and recreational apps that they can use. You can now get your kid some truly entertaining apps on this device, and leave them on it for hours at a stretch.

In the Apple Store, around 75% of the apps and games need to be paid for. The rest are all free of cost. You will need an Apple iTunes account before you download an app though, and you will also need to enter your credit card details for the formation of this account.

Something For the Little Ones

You will be amazed at the range of options that are present in the Store. Some of the apps available here will blow your mind away with their simplicity and functionality, and here we will tell you about the very best amongst them.

Sr. No iPod Touch App for Kids Description
10 Bubble Popper This is a free app that can keep your kid hooked for hours. Anyone who likes popping bubblewrap in real life will love the act on a capacitive touchscreen.
9 Doodle Buddy All kids love drawing doodles, and this app offers great functionality in that respect. You can draw all sorts of shapes in many different colors, and you can also take pictures of people and then draw on them.
8 Giraffe’s Matching Zoo Memory games are a lot of fun, and even more so when the kid gets to learn about various kinds of animals simultaneously.
7 iBowl Virtual bowling games are loved by one and all, and this game can be played by people of all ages. It is simple to learn but very difficult to master, which makes it a very addictive game indeed.
6 Lightsaber Unleashed Anyone who has seen Star Wars wishes to own one of those cool light sabers, and this app converts your iPod Touch into one. It makes the same iconic sounds as a lightsaber when you swish the device, and you can actually have a ‘battle’ with another lightsaber as well.
5 Paper Toss What you need to do in this game is toss a crumpled piece of paper into a waste basket in different scenarios and from different distances. A fan blowing in the background will try its best to ruin your trajectory.
4 Hangman This app is a replica of the vintage Hangman game that all kids love. It also serves as a great educational tool, since the kid gets to learn so many new words as the app progresses.
3 FaceMelter This app makes brilliant use of the camera on the iPod Touch and the touchscreen. You can take pictures of anyone, and then you can change and morph the features to really distort and mutate the face.
2 Fruit Ninja Various fruits fly across the screen, and the player has to slice them with a swipe of the finger. The colorful ways in which the fruits open up are very entertaining.
1 Angry Birds If you haven’t already heard of Angry Birds, you need to wake up! This is one of the bestselling games regardless of platform. You lead a pack of eponymous angry birds, who are out to take revenge on some pigs who have stolen their eggs. The birds use themselves as missiles to fling themselves on the structures the pigs are hiding in.

Many of these apps are even great fun for teens or even for adults―there is no age limit. The apps can be enjoyed by one and all, and they clearly show the immense power of the Apple iPod Touch, and the entertainment offered by the Apple App Store.

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