Best iPhone Apps For Men

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Best iPhone Apps For Men

With more than 700,000 apps available to download from the App Store, searching the best iPhone apps for men can be quite a challenging task. So let’s make this easy. Here are some of the highest rated and most downloaded apps from the Apple App Store for men.

Since one can recall, men have constantly developed technology and its tools to ensure that life becomes more comfortable and easy to live. In today’s world, the wheels of technology move with lightning speeds and provide tools that can make impossible things possible. One such tool is the cell phone. Earlier this device was just used to receive or make phone calls, but today, it can be used to send mails, receive pictures, navigate through cities and even teach basic interaction skills.

Right now, the market is ruled by smart phones and one of the most prolific ones is the iPhone from Apple. Since its launch in 2007, the iPhone is considered a benchmark in the world of smart phones. In addition to its user-friendly interface and impressive design, there are many applications that make this phone a catch. With so many apps, selecting the most useful ones can get quite confusing. Hence, to solve this problem, Techspirited has listed out the best iPhone apps for men 2012.

Best iPhone Apps

Productivity Apps


Dropbox allows the user to store all important documents, photos and videos safely. After saving files in this application the user can access them from his computer, iPhone and even the official Dropbox website. This application allows the user to protect all his necessary files even if the phone gets lost.

Price: FREE | Size: 12.1 MB

Google Search

With Google, the user can have the world in his pocket. It is also the most searched item on the iTunes Store. With a ‘Voice Search’ and ‘My Location’ feature, the user can ask Google anything and will surely get the accurate answer.

Price: FREE | Size: 13.5 MB


LucyPhone ensures that users don’t waste their precious minutes on a customer service call. With this app, the user has to enter the company’s toll-free number and provide the best number to reach him. He then has to navigate through the phone menu till he is put on hold, then the phone should be disconnected. Even though the call gets disconnected, LucyPhone is still on the line and once the agent is available, it calls the user and connects the call.

Price: FREE | Size: 1.0 MB

Health and Fitness Apps

Nutrition Tips

Did you knew that drinking excess soft drinks cause weakening of bones? OR After how many hours should a cut melon be thrown out? This application can answer all the queries about foods and nutrition and even guide the user in constructing a healthy diet menu.

Price: FREE | Size: 1.4 MB


This free app is specially designed to fulfill all the requirements of a long distance runner. It keeps a track of number of calories burnt, speed, nutrition, the route undertaken and heart rate. It updates the user about his/her progress and can help share these progress updates on Facebook and Twitter.

Price: FREE | Size: 14.4 MB


49% of men report that a woman’s sense of humor is a big turn on. An average human loses up to 26 calories when kissing for a minute. These and many more helpful and interesting facts about sex have been mentioned in this application. This app is designed for all those confused souls who have a lot of questions regarding sex, but are afraid to ask their elders or seek professional help.

Price: FREE | Size: 0.2 MB

Entertainment Apps

Cocktails Made Easy

This application is specially designed for people who love making and drinking colorful mixed spirits. With Cocktails Made Easy, the user can make more than 500 different types of cocktails like a professional. Most recipes mentioned use ingredients that can be easily found in most home bars and after every recipe, a color photograph of the actual finished product is presented.

Price: $2.99 | Size: 12.6 MB

Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio ensures that iPhone users are not bored of listening to the same songs again and again. All the user has to do is open Pandora Radio, enter a name of his favorite artist, song or composer and Pandora creates a new station that plays similar music.

Price: FREE | Size: 9.9 MB


Netflix members can now view their favorite movies and TV shows for a low monthly fee. Lots of new movies and TV show episodes are added every month. Users can even rate their favorite movies and shows and Netflix can help in picking the best titles for them.

Price: FREE | Size: 12.0 MB 

WinterBoard (Jailbroken iPhone Only)

WinterBoard allows the user to customize the iPhone to the maximum. It allows the user to change everything about the phone; from the lock screen to the power off screen, everything can be done through WinterBoard.

Other Useful Apps

How to Tie a Tie Animated!

Men learn it in school and then forget it as they age. Men again have to learn it when they have to look for employment or attend formal gatherings. Tying a tie is not difficult, but for most males it is a frustrating task. Let’s make it easy; How to Tie a Tie ensures the user is equipped with step-by-step sample pictures of different knots that can be used to tie a tie.

Price: $2.99 | Size: 5.3 MB

Color Splash

With the help of Color Splash, the user can create some stunning photos. The app helps to change the background of the image to black and white and keep some areas of the picture the same. In addition to such impressive features, Color Splash supports Facebook, Flickr and Twitter sharing.

Price: $0.99 |Size: 18.8 MB


Carticipate helps users save money on fuel by allowing them to carpool with friends, family and colleagues who are traveling the same route. This app accumulates commuters who are looking to save fuel money and help the environment by reducing the emission of harmful gases. Users can get in touch with each other and can easily search for a transportation going through the same route. This service is available in most states and in various European countries.

Price: FREE | Size: 2.2 MB

These are the some of best iPhone apps that every man should have. However, this list can never be completed as developers constantly develop new apps to make the iPhone more user-friendly. Readers who think that some more applications should have been added can leave their suggestions below.

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