Best GPS App for iPhone

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Best GPS App for iPhone

With so many options to choose from, many people wonder which is the best GPS app for using on an iPhone. This article will tell you about some of them.

With the help of GPS apps that you can find in the market, the need for personal navigation devices (PND), or handheld devices, is slowly declining. Garmin and TomTom are the two most popular brands for GPS devices, but their market is dwindling dangerously, thanks to the amazing flexibility that the current smartphones provide.

iPhone apps are available to users from the official App Store, and here they can choose from more than 200,000 apps. Additionally, there are many more Cydia applications to choose from as well. The utility of the iPhone can be enhanced drastically with the help of these apps, and GPS or navigation is one of the first categories that people look for.

What is GPS

GPS is the abbreviation for Global Positioning System, and this is a system of satellites that tell a user his/her exact location, along with other directional and navigational details. Though the satellites have been put in place by the US Government, anyone with a GPS navigation receiver can use these satellites today. All newly manufactured mobile phones in the market today come pre-attached with a GPS receiver, so this is not a problem for the iPhone.

A GPS tool can help you get directions to any place you wish to go, from your current location. This is a system that works in all weather conditions, so there are no limitations. As long as the receiver can get a signal from at least 4 satellites, it will be able to give you accurate directions. The app takes advantage of this fact, and offers a truly marvelous service.

Best iPhone GPS Apps

Apple ensures that the developers of apps go through a stringent list of rules and guidelines, so you can be assured that if it is available in the App Store, it will be extremely useful. Apple does not pride itself on selling useless apps, so there is something for everyone in this database. Here are some of the candidates.

Application Purpose of the Application
MobileNavigator This is Navigon’s iPhone application, and it is easily the most powerful one.
Magellan RoadMate This is developed by Magellan, and offers various features like text to speech, 3D buildings, and lane assistance as well.
iGo My Way This one also has European versions, and its 3D rendering is the best in the market.
Mobile Maps America This will provide you with very accurate turn by turn directions at every step.
TomTom for iPhone TomTom has embraced the mobile market with this super elite app, which they have developed for iOS devices.
CoPilot Live This provides all the desirable features at a very affordable price.
G-Map U.S. East The maps displayed by this app are as good as the ones that appear on Garmin devices, and the best part is that you will only pay for the areas that you intend to visit.
G-Map U.S. West Same as the G-Map U.S. East, but it is applicable for the western states in the US.
MapQuest 4 Mobile This could easily be the best simply because it offers all the features you want, and it is completely free.
MotionX In spite of its price, this app tops the download charts, because it allows you to integrate Facebook into it as well. It is the top choice for hiking and other outdoor activities.

The utility of a GPS app is that it not only offers you directions regarding where you need to go, it will also tell you where you are if you are lost. Moreover, if you are looking for a specific restaurant or shop or hotel nearby to where you are, this app will get it listed for you with ultimate ease. Remember that some of these are quite expensive, but the advantages that they offer are unmatched, so this high price is completely worth it.

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