Best Flat Screen TV Reviews

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Best Flat Screen TV Reviews

There are many makes and models of flat screen TVs available in the market. So if one has to buy an appropriate TV, he has to depend largely upon the reviews available before buying…

People may get confused when they decide on buying a flat screen TV, and try to get detailed information about the best ones. This is because there are many models provided by several reputed companies which have proven to be of the best quality. Choosing the best one is a difficult task, and needs to be well thought upon. Some models may be better in picture quality, some in price, and some in features. Below is a list of few of the best TVs available in the market today.

Toshiba 32AV555DB 32-inch LCD TV

This is a feature-filled yet inexpensive TV that can be considered. Its price is just around a mere $550. This TV is beautifully designed to soothe the eyes of the watcher, though it’s from a company that’s not specially known for the design. The TVs glossy finish certainly gives it a rich and superior touch.

Sony KDL-32V4000 32-inch LCD TV

Sony is well-known for their picture and audio quality. They surely haven’t let their reputation down by introducing the Sony KDL-32V4000. Sony TVs are generally expensive, but this one is an exception. It is available in the market for about $675, which is an acceptable price for such a quality product. This TV is a product that won’t let TV enthusiasts want for more, as it has got everything. It’s from the ‘Bravia’ series of TVs launched by Sony Corporation.

Panasonic TC-P50G10 50″ Plasma HDTV

This is one of the best TV from the Viera series launched by Panasonic. It is rich in features which will certainly provide the user what he expects. It has a big 50-inch screen that supports 1080p resolution, game mode for enhanced gaming experience, and three HDMI inputs. It comes along with a hefty price tag of around $1,300.

LG 37LG3000 37-inch LCD TV

This is a 37-inch LCD TV from LG Electronics, which has given the customers what they would expect from a flat screen TV. It has got it all; from style, quality, features, and most importantly, it is inexpensive. It comes for approximately $700. By taking a glimpse at it, one would think that it is just an ordinary TV, but it has everything that a consumer expects.

Sony KDL-37V4000 37-inch LCD TV

Sony has got some of the best flat screen TVs as compared to other competitors, and this one is included in them. This 37-inch one has vibrant colors with high sharpness, and provides a truly natural image which is pleasing to the eye. The display quality is the best among TVs which have a similar price tag.

Samsung PN50B550 Plasma TV

This TV won’t ever let the consumer be dissatisfied with this purchase, as it offers loads of features along with a large 50-inch screen. It supports a full HD resolution which gives a crystal-clear image quality. It is incorporated with the company’s new technology such as ‘Ultra FilterBright Plus’ and ‘600Hz Subfield Motion’. Along with the cutting edge technology also comes a heavy price tag of $1,500.

Philips 42PFL7603D LCD TV

This TV is quite appealing to the eyes. Moreover, it has got some latest technology incorporated as well, such as 1080p screen resolution. It also has four HDMI inputs as well as several other connections. The technology included in this is something which would never go out of date, at least for some decades. It’s said that you have to pay a good price for something good, and so is the case of the Philips 42PFL7603D LCD TV which comes along at a price of approximately $1,500.

Samsung LE46A786 LCD TV

This is a 46” flat screen LCD TV from Samsung that has a price tag which definitely is a correct match to the functions and features it provides. This is also considered one of the best flat screen TVs in the market. Its price is somewhere around $2,100. This TV is a good option for one who doesn’t want to compromise on screen size, price, features, and picture quality.

LG 50PQ20 50” High-definition Plasma TV

This is a TV full with features and entertainment, and an affordable price of around $850. It has got features such as 720p HD resolution, 600Hz sub field driving, smart energy saving setting, an intelligent light sensor, and a speaker system as well.

Note: The prices mentioned above are subject to change and may vary as per location.

For getting more information about the latest and best TVs available today, you can refer to several websites and blogs which have reviews, and also visit your nearest dealer and get a hold of some brochures for reference.

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