Best eReader with Backlight

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Best eReader with Backlight

The latest trend to hit the technology brigade is an eReader. With this little device, pack an entire library with you and be free from carrying books around. While eReaders are highly portable and compact, you may need an external light for nighttime or low-light reading. Unless your eReader is equipped with a backlight. Scroll below to learn which models are backlight equipped.

Technology, quite like magic, always tries to make things or objects smaller and smaller. The desktop was too big, so laptops were made. The laptop got too big, so tablet PCs were invented. But it’s not just with computers. Try stuffing a bookstore into a bag and carrying it around with you. Seems impossible, right? Wrong. With an eReader, it’s perfectly possible. Reading has never been more portable than with an eReader. Read anywhere and everywhere with this neat, little gadget. Flat and lightweight, it fits in bags and some pockets. Connect to the Internet to access a virtual library. The ideal gadget for true bookworms.

While there are many different factors that make up the best eReader, the ability to have a backlight built-in is a rare feature. For low light settings or nighttime reading under the covers, a backlight will illuminate the reading surface allowing the reader, comfortable reading with less eye-strain. To make your search for the best eReader with backlight easier, take a look at the models below.

Top 3 eReaders with Backlights

☛ Barnes & Noble NOOK Color

  • 7 inch VividView™ touchscreen with 16 million colors and backlight screen
  • Wide viewing angle of 178 degrees for very easy-on-the-eyes reading
  • Switch between portrait and landscape screen modes
  • Connects to Barnes & Noble bookstore to download e-books
  • NOOK Newsstand feature delivers newspapers and magazines straight to your device, just off the press
  • Not just an eReader, downloads apps for use on eReader
  • NOOK Kids® feature for an interactive story time experience
  • Use built-in Wi-Fi to access email on device
  • Web browser allows Flash content and videos from sites like YouTube®
  • E-books become interactive with Enhanced NOOK books (audio and video content)
  • Make your book club with friends by connecting to each others NOOKs
  • Price : $250

☛ The Sharper Image Literati Wireless Reader

  • Full color display, 7 inch screen size
  • Complete QWERTY keyboard and buttons place below screen
  • Just ½ inches thick, small, compact and convenient
  • Preloaded 25 e-books and 125 free e-books available for download
  • Access the Kobo™ bookstore to download e-books, approximately 2 million titles available
  • Use Wi-Fi to connect to bookstore and purchase e-books
  • Adjust font and text size for reading with ease
  • Backlight screen has adjustable brightness levels
  • Designed Night and Day modes for use – sound off in Night mode
  • Available in black and white colors
  • Free case included with purchase
  • Price : Between $80 – $100

☛ Aluratek Libre AEBK08FB

  • 7 inch LCD touchscreen, color support and backlight feature
  • Very compact and light, just 7 ounces weight
  • 100 pre-included free e-book titles present on eReader
  • Purchase e-book titles from the Kobo store, over 2.3 million titles available
  • Connects to the Internet, quickly and easily with built-in Wi-Fi ability
  • Not just an eReader, surf the web, listen to music, watch movies and photos and connect to Facebook
  • Helpful features like adjustable font, auto page turns etc.
  • PDF format supported
  • USB port and SD card slot for media transfer
  • Battery life of 8 hours on single charge
  • Price : $150

Note: All prices mentioned are approximate and depend on various factors like location and offers available.

So ultimately which is the best eReader with backlight capability? The winner has to be the NOOK COLOR. The amount of features packed into this nifty little beast is amazing. Plus the amazing library of e-book titles from literary publishing house giants Barnes and Nobles is sure to keep both bookworms and light readers happy. But it battles for supremacy in the eReader market with the Kindle and Sony’s Reader.

Now the Apple iPad is not really an eReader, it is a tablet PC and is designed with for computing purpose. But its pre-loaded iBooks and the Kindle App, which can be used on it has made e-book reading, an added perk of this gadget. It has a very beautiful, rich and responsive 9.7 inch touchscreen, ideal for reading in low light conditions with its LED backlight. But its weight is a definite disadvantage.

The iPad weighs approximately 1.6 pounds. In comparison to the Kindle’s barely-there 10.2 ounces, the iPad is a positive mammoth to hold in one hand and read. However the more functionality the better. So don’t think of an iPad as an eReader with a backlight option, rather think of it as a tablet PC with an e-book reading option! Ultimately the best eReader, whether it has a backlight or not, it is one that lets you read comfortably and is portable and convenient.

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