Best DVD Ripping Software

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Best DVD Ripping Software

There are many software out there that help you rip DVDs, but you must make your choice wisely. There are many different options for users of different operating systems.

With the help of any DVD ripping software, you can copy files from the DVD that you buy to your PC, and then convert them to a format that you like. There are many uses that the best software can be put to, but the primary purpose is to get a tool with which you can alter the format of the date that is present on a disc.

There are hundreds of such software solutions available on the Internet, and some of them can be obtained free of charge, whereas some will come at a cost. Either way, it is best for you to go through plenty of reviews before you decide to use an appropriate one.

Best DVD Ripper for Windows 7

Windows 7 is a computer operating system developed by Microsoft, and its stability is on par with that of the all time favorite, Windows XP. This means that there are thousands of people who use this operating system, so the choices for DVD ripping software are much greater in number for this particular operating system. Here are some of the best programs that can be used on Windows 7.

  • iOrgSoft DVD Ripper
  • Easy DVD Ripper & Converter
  • Easy DVD Clone
  • Corel WinDVD Pro
  • CyberLink PowerDVD Mark II
  • AoA DVD Ripper SE
  • Acala DVD Copy
  • Super DVD Creator
  • WinX DVD Ripper
  • Aiseesoft DVD Ripper
  • Cucusoft Ultimate DVD Converter
  • Pavtube DVD Ripper

As you can see, there are many choices available, and this is due to the widespread use of any operating system powered by Windows. You must carry out some research on a software before you use it though.

Best DVD Ripper for Mac

If you own an Apple MacBook, then the choices of DVD rippers available to you are far lesser in comparison. This does not mean that these software applications are inferior in any way. You can carry out the same tasks with them as well. One of the most important functions of these programs is to trim the files as and where you like as well. The entire file can be divided into little portions known as chapters, and then you can merge these chapters in any order that you like. Here are some options for MacBooks.

  • MacTheRipper
  • HandBrake
  • DVDRemaster
  • Roxio Popcorn
  • DVD2one
  • Ripit

These software choices should be sufficient enough for you to get all your necessary work done. Please note that duplication and distribution in a different format is illegal, and you could face severe consequences for breaching copyright laws. It is not just enough to know about ripping, you should also know the repercussions of illegal copying and distribution.

Best DVD Ripper for Linux

There are a lot of people who still advocate the use of Linux operating system, and there are some DVD ripping software options that have been developed for these people as well. Their stability is not as high as say, the software for Windows, but they work well enough to enable you to rip all the information that you need. Here are some choices that you can use if you are a Linux user.

  • HandBrake
  • AcidRip
  • OGMRip
  • k9Copy
  • dvd::rip
  • Brasero
  • Thoggen
  • MakeMKV

As mentioned before, some of these examples will be free, whereas you will have to pay for some of them. Choose wisely, because the best ones should let you carry out all the activities that you need to perform, at an economical rate. There is no point in paying extra money for features that you will not be making use of.

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