Best Droid Apps Ever

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Best Droid Apps Ever

The coolest, funkiest, sassiest, latest, and truly the best Droid apps ever are fervently waiting for you to put your hands on them. ‘Droid’ in…oops! I mean drive in!

Soak up all the goodness of this crazy Google product that belongs to the Android clan. Droid is a brand name of Lucasfilm which is licensed to Verizon Wireless, and is on fire these days. Thanks to the commitment of Motorola towards the market that we have an all-inclusive smartphone in our hands, competent enough with the Apple iphone. So, now that you’ve bought this oh-so-terrific technology for yourself, you need to download the best apps for your device. After all, today’s smartphones are much more than just walkie-talkies, isn’t it? All things considered, let’s round up our best picks on Droid apps that are hard to ignore.

Best Apps for Motorola Droid

Better social networking, better interface, and better gaming technology… the top Android apps are getting better and better for its fans. While some are paid features, some are free of cost. To follow below are the most prominent Droid apps which have made their users an ardent lover of Android. Here you go!

Twidroyd: ‘Tweet’ the Easy Way!

For users tired of opening a separate browser every time, just to see those live linked web pages and snaps next to the tweets, Twidroyd is a bliss! This is the industry-standard twitter application solely for Android, and is accessible in both free as well as Pro versions.

Google Goggles: Text No More!

Google is too smart, mates! Think about it, you take a picture with your handset’s camera of a product you know nothing about, and Google will recognize it, thus, giving you relevant results. Not only does it recognize products, its goggles work with landmarks, places, and what not. Google Goggles knows languages like English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish too. No wonder it has made its place among the most useful Android apps for its users.

Pandora Radio: Your Personalized Music Jockey!

So, whether you have a 3G, EDGE or a Wi-Fi, this flawless application is your music repository. Pandora Radio creates your online account, and plays your most loved songs the way you want. More like a service similar to Internet Radio, you can listen to songs belonging to any artist or genre. What’s more, you don’t even have to keep waiting to operate your phone while the song plays, as you can use multiple options while the song is playing. Now that’s what I call the best Android app!

Google Voice: ‘Hello’ is Cheaper Now!

You heard it right! Cheap calls, and that too international ones! Google Voice presents voice-mail transcriptions, calling, and texting to your friends from your phone. It gives you a username, a password, and a phone number by which you can make a call or text any time at as less as $0.02 per minute. If you don’t want a separate Google Voice number, you can keep to your personal cell number. Google sure has some cool apps in its Android store, don’t you think so?

SportyPal: Your Fitness Chum!

You have your fitness instructor in your hands now! Go running, jogging, cycling, or hiking… SportyPal will efficiently track your movements in terms of speed, distance, and even the calories you burn. Moreover, it keeps a detailed track of your itinerary, and tells you a good deal of information about your cardio activities. Okay, this was one application I always wanted for myself (being the lazy bone I am!).

Nimbuzz: The ‘Chat’ter Box!

Chit-chat the entire day for free! Nimbuzz for Droid has free IM chat services such as Facebook, Skype, GoogleTalk, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo!, MySpace, and many more, all in one! Okay, it sure is a heavy application, but then it’s Droid you’re using it in! This multiple-chat feature of Nimbuzz undoubtedly makes it a top-of-the-line Android app!

If you’re a sucker for some more Droid technology, check out some more apps lined up below. While the above are the ones which are the most downloaded apps for Droid, there are some more apps which are equally enticing. You must have these too!

  • Kindle for Android
  • Talk to Me
  • FileAnywhere
  • Shazam
  • Google Sky Map
  • Amazon
  • Advanced Task Killer
  • Places Directory
  • Astro File Manager
  • Photoshop Mobile
  • Meebo IM
  • Google’s Open Spot
  • Light Racer 3D
  • Ringo Lite
  • Magic Color Picker
  • Craigslist Checker
  • Hi AIM
  • Moviefone
  • Dolphin
  • Opera Mini5
  • Shopsavvy
  • Locale
  • Beeb Player
  • Aldiko
  • Flixter

There you have it all …’Fandroids’! The world of Android is vast as you can figure out from the countless Android app reviews all over the web. Who knows that while you’re reading this article, Google is paving way for some more useful applications for the Droid? The above selections may be a state-of-the-art affair, but technology will keep coming up with a new list of applications and software, just for its users!

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