Best Cydia Sources of 2012 to Have More on Your Precious Device

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Best Cydia Sources 2012

A quick look at some of the best Cydia sources of 2012, which gives you access to a large database of apps, games and themes, that you will not find on the official Apple App Store. Cydia sources can only be accessed via a jailbroken device.

For technophiles who just love their Apple instruments, jailbreaking their device is nothing new. Doing so opens up a whole new world of applications and games, in addition to the 300,000+ available in the official Apple App Store. But in order to get these additional goodies, you will need to explore the best Cydia sources of 2012.

Cydia is an application that you will need to download on your jailbroken Apple device, which opens up a whole new world of apps and other cool customizations for your iPhone or iPad. Some of these apps will never get admission into the App Store, and you can also get some apps that will let you customize the functionality and the appearance of your gadget.

You must know that jailbreaking your device will nullify the warranty. This is not an illegal practice anymore, but Apple does need to do something to protect themselves. Hence, the only solution they could come up with is canceling your warranty for the remaining duration. For some people, this is a price that is certainly worth paying. Also, there is always a risk bricking your device while jailbreaking, although most jailbreaking methods these days are relatively safe. With that in mind, here are some of the best Cydia sources from where you can get some amazing applications to make your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch even more impressive.

Cydia Sources

  • BeYouriPhone
  • Cycorder
  • Cylay 3.0
  • dTunes
  • iBlackList
  • iFoneGuide
  • iHalo
  • iRealSMS
  • Mcleaner
  • MxTube
  • SaladSoft
  • SB Settings
  • SiNfuL iPhone Repo
  • SwirlyMMS
  • Touch Mania
  • Winterboard
  • Xsellize
  • Elpelle6
  • iClarified
  • ModMyiFone
  • RichCreations
  • yellowsn0w
  • Clubiphone

Always remember to check the comments and reviews before you start downloading files from any source. As these apps are not monitored by Apple themselves, the risk of viruses and malware is higher. So you need to be very careful indeed. The comments and reviews section should give you a good idea about the kind of response a particular Cydia source is getting. Just because you read about some must-have Cydia sources from someplace does not necessarily make it completely trustworthy.

There are tons of things that you can do with the top sources that you find, so it is definitely worth experimenting, as long as it’s a well-informed choice. People regularly complain that the only problem with iOS is its lack of customization options. Cydia turns out to be your knight in shining armor to rescue you from this problem. You also get easy access to some of the best themes on Cydia, which are not available officially on the Apple Store. Some might also be interested in some of the top Cydia games which can convert your device into a full-fledged gaming center. Here are a few more of the best Cydia sources that are worth looking at for all the hardcore gamers out there.

Gaming Sources

  • 123Locker
  • BigBoss
  • Hackulo
  • HowettNet
  • iCauseFx
  • iPhoneModding
  • iromrepo
  • iSpazio
  • MiPhone
  • MyGreatiPhone
  • Podulo
  • Ranbee
  • ZodTTD
  • iNsanelyi
  • iHacks
  • BYA (Bite Your Apple)
  • 51ipa
  • iHackstore
  • MyApple
  • Intelliborn

To get to the best options on this list, you just need to find their URL when you are on the Internet through your device. Follow the instructions that are given on the website, and you will then have access to a large database of apps, games, themes, ringtones, and other great stuff. The best sources may even ask you to pay a small membership fee, which is a very small price to pay for some really nice stuff. The ability to perform certain tasks on your Apple product is priceless, and a few dollars is something that you can certainly spare.

So have fun visiting these sources and exploring them for the best results. You will come across some great apps and games, but be careful about the source. Unsupervised downloading could leave you with a real expensive (but still a very good-looking) brick in your hand!

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