Best Computer Brand

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Best Computer Brand

When it comes to computers, everybody opts for the best brand that is available in the market. Here is a brief elaboration of the best computer brands that can be found in the market.

Top Brands

  • Dell
  • Hewlett-Packard (HP)
  • Apple
  • Lenovo
  • Gateway

There are several computer manufacturers and brands that provide you with a range of hardware, desktops and workstations and even laptops. However, a major hurdle is choosing the right brand, as there are countless companies, that have many tempting offers for computers, laptops and desktops alike.

Best Computer Brands List

The following list is a compilation of brands that have gained a good level of reputation in the market. The sales, products, goodwill and popularity of such brands say it all. Take a look.

1. Dell
Another name that is known for efficiency is Dell. The company was started to make successful computers and that is exactly what it is successfully doing today. Michel Dell indeed has seen dreams turn to reality, as today Dell is one of the biggest producers of Laptops and Notebook computers, not to mention the enormous line of desktops. The basic motive of Dell is to make computers for every person and every place. Dell manufactures computers and laptops for students, consumers, businessmen and corporates. It makes computers for homes, schools, offices and even public places.

Merits Current Notable Products*
  • Huge product range
  • Excellent products or all purposes and prices
  • Giant RAMs and storage hard-disks
  • Inspiron 15R
  • Vostro 460 Mini Tower
  • Vostro 3555
  • OptiPlex 990 Premier Desktop

2. Hewlett-Packard (HP)
HP is often known to be a prominent supplier of desktops and laptops to corporate clients. The company is also preferred by a large number of people, since it is also a manufacturer of office utilities, such as photocopying machines and scanners. HP has launched a huge series of desktops as well as laptops. Some really innovative products that have been launched by HP include, HP TouchSmart a touch screen computer and the famous HP Brio. If you are planning to go in for a desktop, then this is the best brand for desktop computers that you can avail.

Merits Current Notable Products*
  • Conservative energy consumption
  • Good colors and screen features
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Has the ‘business look’
  • Excellent range of peripherals
  • HP Pavilion g6s customizable Notebook PC
  • HP Pavilion dv6t Select Edition customizable Notebook PC
  • HP TouchSmart 420t customizable Desktop PC
  • HP Omni 220xt customizable Desktop PC

3. Apple
The brand of Steve Jobs and the brand that maintains quality. Apple computers are known for their quality control, research and development and also their willingness to maintain a specific procedure of manufacture. Apple has successfully launched a wide range of computers that includes both laptops and desktops. The best brand for laptops on the market is of course Apple, due to its wide range of laptops that includes, MacBook, iMac and Mac Mini. A remarkable desktop computer that was released by Apple is the Mac Pro. Apart from the quality, speed and smooth running, Apple also caters to the style quotient. For personal use, this brand is the best laptop brand.

Merits Current Notable Products*
  • Fantastic apps and additional
  • Classic and elegant look
  • Convenient size
  • Sophisticated programing and technology
  • Very user-friendly
  • Sturdy hardware
  • Better hardware-software package
  • Classy Peripherals and add-ons
  • MacBook Air
  • Mac mini
  • iMac
  • Mac Pro

4. Lenovo
Lenovo, which had been previously known as ‘Legend’, is a Chinese computers company which caters to all possible segments of the computer markets. International Business Machines (IBM) on the other hand is a giant that churns out computers for every possible person on the face of this earth. In 2005, Lenovo acquired the computers division of IBM. Lenovo is maintaining almost the entire staff of IBM in North Carolina in addition to an executive headquarters in Purchase, New York. In addition to that Lenovo will also be able to use the IBM brand name and own the famous ‘Think’ marquee/brand name for 5 years.

The product directory of both these companies is so big, that you will have computers working at every possible speed in it. The basic memorandum of the company is to supply computers to every working person. You will find countless companies using both the IBM and Lenovo brands. Essentially both brands put together, make the world’s third largest computer business.

Merits Current Notable Products*
  • Huge product range (both PCs and Laptops)
  • A well established product range
  • Sturdy designs and good peripherals
  • Caters to all purposes
  • Highly competitive prices
  • Good business oriented computers
  • ThinkPad Edge E525
  • ThinkPad T520
  • IdeaPad S205
  • Essential G770
  • ThinkStation C20
  • ThinkStation E30

5. Gateway
An Acer subsidiary, Gateway is a manufacturer of brilliant computers. The principle operations of the company include Netbooks, Notebooks, Desktops and LCD displays. Like Apple, this company is admired for its precision, research and development. Gateway computers can be used by both corporates and consumers.

Merits Current Notable Products*
  • Elegant looks
  • Economical and competitive pricing
  • Space effective, easy to carry
  • Good battery
  • Selected yet highly stylish range of models
  • (only netbooks and notebooks)
  • LT2304l
  • LT2305l
  • NV55C17I
  • NV55C16I

(*note: It must be taken into note that the models which have been included in the tables, are the current models, they are constituents of other larger “series”, “families” and “marquees”. It must also be taken into account that the aforementioned are individual models.)

Just look for the features that you need and want, you are sure to get the appropriate device or model from major brands.

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