Best Article Writing Software

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Best Article Writing Software

A good writing software can save a lot of time and help you to format the content well. This article provides information on some of the article writing software.

Article marketing is a great way to promote your products and sites. Writing about anything can be time-consuming and coming up with original content, all the time, can take even more time. For creating and rewriting content, you need to select a smart software which helps to generate one within minutes. While buying it, you should consider the one which helps to generate content on any subject right from scratch, and helps to rewrite old articles. When these two features are combined or rather present, you will be able to generate content really fast.

Top Writing Software

Article Architect

The unique feature about this application is that, it helps you to find the content you need, according to your selected niche. Thus, it helps more than just to write stuff. It also helps to publish on multiple directories to help a person get the required traffic. It comes at a price of USD 97.

Smart Article Generator 4.0

This is a great choice for people who are serious Internet marketers, as it helps to produce content on a regular basis and skips the tedious process of writing. It helps you generate original content that you want to build. Also, it is great for modifying Private Label Right (PLR) content. It is priced around USD 67.

Article Creator

This free product is perfect for beginners, as it guides them step-by-step through the process of writing. You can choose the title, write an introduction, put bulleted points, and short paragraphs while writing. This helps to read and write better. Within an hour, you can create a complete document, that will help to promote your site and products. This is a free online tool and promotes the content in such a way that you get the intended traffic to your site. This application is compatible only with Windows operating system.

Submission Software

Unique Article Wizard

This is one of the best submission software that helps submit over 11,000 directories. This is a big number compared to its competitors, which usually have only 500 to 1,500 directories at their disposal. Its interface is very user-friendly and is regularly updated. It allows you to submit unlimited writings every month, which makes Internet advertising of your sites and products easier. It is priced around USD 67 per month.

My Article Network

This is a relatively newer blog network that has more than 10,000 blogs already. Using this site, you can upload content on any subject that you can possibly imagine. They do not review the content, and hence you can put in as many links as you like. However, they slow-roll them to a submission of between 3 to 10, which means you need to submit many articles before you see any quick results.

Apart from these, other software like Quick Article Pro, Mass Article Creator, and Instant Article Wizard are some other options. Before downloading any of these, make sure it meets your needs

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