Bejeweled Blitz Secrets

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Bejeweled Blitz Secrets

If you think there are special Bejeweled Blitz secrets for winning, you are right! This article give you some tips on winning this game.

Nothing is a secret about Facebook’s most addictive game, Bejeweled Blitz. Getting a high score on the game is all a matter of strategy and timing. Once you learn these strategies, you can easily get the highest score possible on this epic game! There are also certain tips, which may help you think of better ways to win. On that note, here’s a look into some Bejeweled Blitz secrets to help you top those scores.

Helpful Tips

This game gives you only 60 seconds to create a legendary score, and while you may think it is not possible to go beyond a point, the truth is, it is. Remember, those high scores you see on the game are not a cumulative score of multiple games. These are scores achieved all at one go in a 60 second game. So if they can do it (or even if they just got plain lucky), so can you. You will be surprised at how easy it is to follow these tips to get a high score. But remember, without practice, these tips are no good. If you really want a high score on the game, practice is the key. Without further ado, let’s lead you to some strategies that will help you score on this game.

  • While 60 seconds is what the game offers you, one of the lesser-known secrets is that you can start playing before the game starts. This means, as soon as you see the gems on the board, you can start swapping. These gems will explode only when the timer starts though. However, even one move gives you a few second lead, which can turn around the whole game.
  • An important strategy to follow is to keep the sound off if you think it distracts you. While some of you may enjoy it, for others, it is this sound that is making the mess and preventing you from getting that high score. So, turn the volume down and focus on getting those high scores.

  • Now, some experts in this game suggest that you should focus your game at the bottom of the screen so that you can increase the likelihood of multiple combinations to be swapped quickly. On the other hand, some experts suggest that focusing and playing at the top of the screen is a better idea, because the game automatically generates gems that are likely to create a combination and thereby increase your scores. To see which one is most comfortable for you, you are going to have to try both these tips.
  • Interestingly, on the new version, you can buy boosts from your collection of coins from previous games to enhance your game. These boosts are unlocked as your coin collection keeps increasing, and can easily have you getting that desirable high score. Choose from the mystery gem (that gives you a special gem to improve your game right at the beginning), the reshuffle button (that allows you to shuffle the gems on the board if you can’t move ahead), the multiplier kick-start (that gives you a multiplier right at the start of the game and increases your score tremendously), the detonator (that can be triggered at any time to clear out a fair portion of the board by making multiple combinations), and a bonus of 5 extra seconds. All these gems and boosts can be purchased to give you an edge in the game!
  • Make the most of multiplier gems that drop on to the board after a massive explosion. The highest multiplier comes at 6x, and these are usually available in a color specific mode. The minute you use one of these to create a combination, your score multiplies by the amount on the multiplier. So, try and create a combination with a larger number of jewels.
  • Speed is suitably rewarded on this game, and the faster you play, the bigger bonus you will get. This can go as high up as 1000 plus points, which can be a huge bonus if you have just made a move using the multiplier. So, stop looking at the score and the time left, and make as many moves as quickly as you can to get that bonus!
  • Finally, in spite of being told to keep playing at the bottom or the top of the screen, remember to focus on the entire game. Combine this focus with speed, and there is no way you can’t make that high score.

With these tips you can gain the edge over your friends and make an astounding high score. Good Luck!

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