Awesome Websites Like 9GAG

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Awesome Websites Like 9GAG

Looking for some funny fodder to kill the boredom of mundane Mondays? Well, here it is. With a list of 10 awesome sites like 9GAG, you will have enough to laugh about whether you are stuck in a boring office meeting or in a classroom.

I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It’s probably the most important thing in a person.

― Audrey Hepburn

When Monday blues hit really hard, or when laughter seems like a long-lost friend, a moment of aberration from the mundane routine is a good idea. Just a click away are many awesome sites like 9GAG, which provide ample fodder for ripples of unstoppable laughter. If you are bored of seeing the same images and GIFs on 9GAG, it is time you try something new.

These sites can be accessed from within the confines of your strict office, or on your phone as you try to make it to the other side of a boring lecture, or simply when you need mindless entertainment. These sites are absolutely free and can be accessed any time. Given below is a list of sites like 9GAG that you can pick from to add great many funny anecdotes to your day.

Damn LOL
Damn LOL is an extremely popular site with over 1 million likes on its Facebook page. With the funniest content of both animals and people, Damn LOL has won the hearts of millions. The only downside about this website is its layout. Also, the images take a long time to upload, which means the viewer has to wait. Another annoying thing that goes against this website is the number of ads on the page. There is just no stopping the rage this site can lead to with those popping windows. But then again, the site makes up by hosting some of the funniest content on the web!

Website: @ Damn LOL

LOLHappens is far more appealing to users as compared to the previous one, because it has a simple design, minimal content, and thus, a focused approach towards its hilarious content. It has a scroll-down front page design. And with the little arrows, you can view the next funny pages. The site also offers a ‘Create a Meme’ option which is an engaging fun activity and provides users a chance to create your own funny posts. However, the only downside of this feature is that it asks for a login via Facebook. This deters users as not every person would want to post their activity on the wall.

MemeCenter is a site just like 9GAG, but differs a little as it focuses on building and growing its community on the site. It favors the user experience above the content of the site. One has to sign up with MemeCenter to upload images. Once you have signed up, you get to subscribe to users you like, and allow others to subscribe to you too. It follows the same logic that most social networking sites do to build their user base. The site also gives you options such as ‘Recommend Users’, and ‘Weekly Top Users’ to enhance the user engagement and experience on the site.

Website: @ MemeCenter

Although the design of this site is not at impressive, it does happen to be a very popular site. So, what does really work in its favor? EatLiver has administrators who filter out bad quality images, and only upload the good ones. Despite the handpicked, filtered, and chaffed out content, this website has about 9,000 images. Impressive isn’t it? And all of these images have a huge space, so there isn’t much space for distraction from other information or visuals.

Website: @ EatLiver

This is another site that offers pots of fun for innumerable hours. Jokeroo has a very simple and easy interface that allows its users to view optimum content is just one go. The page keeps loading with funny content as you keep scrolling down. This site also offers its users a chance to connect with other members and build a community.

Website: @ Jokeroo

Sometimes, scrolling pictures after pictures can get boring. Sometimes, watching videos and how it actually happened is far more funnier than images. This is where uberHumor totally wins. This site offers a huge number of GIFs and videos with dedicated sections to each topic. The only negative point of this site is that the videos can sometimes be a little too long.

Website: @ uberHumor

Among the simplest sites on the web, PorkyStuff is fairly uncluttered and sober to look at. This is an important feature as the colors, layout, and the feel of the site is such that it does not become an eyesore despite browsing it for long hours. The page opens in the ‘Top’ section which displays the popular posts. The site further offers you an option to view what’s new, play games, and watch videos.

Cheezburger gives you the funny, cute, popular, trending, random, and all other sorts of images, videos, and GIFs. With interesting categories like, I Can Has, which has animal images and GIFs, FAIL Blog, which obviously has funny blogs, and ROFLrazzi, needless to say, the celebrity memes, this site is officially the funniest site of all. The site also gives you options such as ‘Hot Today’, and ‘Most Voted’ to keep you updated about what’s happening and trending in the funny virtual world.

Website: @ Cheezburger

As Facebook users, we come across various status updates, pictures, and videos that makes us wonder at its obvious stupidity. Unfortunately, we have to refrain from commenting on these funny updates due to a certain social decorum that we abide. But what if you were given a collection of statuses on a different site, where no one is your friend, and you do not have to bother about holding back your laughter. Lamebook is precisely such a site that creates utterly funny posts. The site also gives you different categories to pick from.

Website: @ Lamebook

The Fluffington Post
This website offers different kind of content to LoL about. With a score of funny, cute, and adorable animal pictures, the Fluff Post is a site that will give you a whole new perspective on your pet and other animals. Seeing these pictures will definitely lighten up your day, make you smile, and push your worries aside. This is the perfect site to go to when pulling through the day seems to get tougher by the minute.

Website: @ The Fluffington Post

So, these were 10 awesome websites like 9GAG that you explore and laugh out loud. Share this laughter with friends and family, to double it and enjoy it even more. However, while you enjoy the relentless fun these sites provides, avoid commenting on subjects that others might take an offense to.

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