How to use an AVI to WMV Converter

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How to use an AVI to WMV Converter

So you want to change the format of your file? In this article, we will tell you which are the best AVI to WMV converters you can opt for and what the process of conversion involves.

In the year 1992, Microsoft released a container format for multimedia known as the Audio Video Interleave or AVI. It was released as a part of the technology known as Video for Windows which enabled Windows to play digital video. AVI format is a type of meta-file format and the container format is derived from Resource Interchange File Format or RIFF. The best feature of AVI format videos was that it could contain both audio and video files and it allowed synchronized playback of both.

WMV is also a format that was developed by Microsoft which was used mainly for applications for Internet streaming. WMV is a video compression format which when developed was to serve as a rival to RealVideo. The great feature of WMV is that this format can be played on most multimedia players including VLC Media Player, Windows Media Player, etc. It is also the standard format for both HD DVD and Blue Ray. A converter allows you to convert the digital video you are watching to a format that is more widely used.

Well there can be several reasons for using a converter but one of the main ones is that the compression rate of a WMV file is much higher than an AVI file. Therefore, if you want to reduce the size of your file you would want to convert it to WMV. Also with cell phones becoming the ubiquitous device on which music is being played and listened to, it is important to convert files to the WMV format as most phones do not recognize the AVI file format.

The Process of Using a Converter

The most widely used video converters are listed below.

  • Windows Movie Maker
  • Prism video converter
  • Leawo WMV Video Converter
  • OJOsoft Total Video Converter
  • Total Video Converter
  • AVS video converter
  • Wondershare video converter

First and foremost you will need to download the software that you are planning to use in order to convert your AVI files to the WMV format. If you are unsure about which software to use, then ask around or check for reviews. If you are planning to download a free software, then try to keep a few options. Check each of these software to figure out which one of these software gives you the best output in terms of quality. Compression of file size inadvertently affects the quality sometimes and you would want to avoid this. Also check if the conversion has affected the synchronization of the audio and video. Once you are satisfied on all these counts, then you can use the converter you have chosen.

The process of conversion remains more or less the same with almost all software. These converters come with an instruction manual and you can easily follow the steps given to convert the format of the file you have selected. It may be a good idea to download a converter that will allow you to convert WMV to AVI as easily as the opposite form of conversion. Choosing a software which will allow you conversion of different formats will save you the pain of downloading software constantly. On Windows Movie Maker, all you will need to do is import the file to movie maker, add it to the timeline and then save the AVI file in the WMV format using the save movie wizard option.

There are many websites that will also allow you the option of doing the conversion online using an online converter that will save you the process of downloading a software.

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