AMD Processors for Notebooks

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AMD Processors for Notebooks

If you are looking for the best AMD processors for laptops, you have landed on the right page. Here I shall present you with the best and fastest AMD laptop processors, which can provide amazing performance speed.

Of all the specifications which should be considered while shopping for a laptop computer, one that matters the most is the computer processor installed. The processor specifications put an upper limit over the performance speed that any notebook computer can achieve. Ergo, it’s essential that you choose the laptop processor wisely. AMD and Intel are the two brand names you could choose from, as both offer a range of special mobile processors, designed for laptops. If you are an AMD loyalist, you must be obviously looking for the best processors offered by the manufacturer, for laptop computers.

As an Intel and AMD processor comparison would reveal, both offer a range of mobile processors with matching specifications, but AMD offers them at a lower price, compared to Intel. While the Intel core i7 line is clearly miles ahead of AMD processors in the desktop computer arena, in the mobile processor arena, AMD offers competing products.

How to Choose a Computer Processor?

Checking out processor specifications will make no sense, unless you know what they mean. Here is a short guide explaining how to study computer processor specifications. The first parameter which is the most important specification for any processor is its operating frequency. Specified in Megahertz or Gigahertz, higher the value, more are the number of operations which a processor can execute in a single cycle.

Go for processors with clocking frequency in excess of 2.5 GHz at least. Next important specification is the number of cores, that the processor is made of. More the cores, better is the processor at multitasking and parallel processing. AMD offers dual, triple, quad and six core processors for you to choose from. For laptop computers, it’s essential that you look for processors with low power output, to prevent heating problems.

Also check out the L2 and L3 cache size for the chip, which determines how much data the processor can store temporarily for its operations. More the space allocated, faster is the computation of the processor. These were the most important parameters that should be checked out while buying a laptop processor.

Best AMD Processors For Notebooks

The AMD Phenom II line and AMD Turion line has specially designed processors built for use with a laptop computer. One of the fastest is the AMD Phenom II X620, providing a base clocking frequency of 3.1 GHz. Here is a list of best AMD laptop processors with specifications.

Processor Name Number of Cores L2 Cache Size Clocking Frequency
AMD Phenom II X620 2 1024 KB 3.1 GHz
AMD Phenom II M660 2 1024 KB 3.0 Ghz
AMD Turion II N550 2 1024 KB 2.6 Ghz
AMD Phenom II X940 4 512 KB 2.4 Ghz
AMD Phenom II N970 4 512 KB 2.2 Ghz

Besides these, there are many more processors sold by AMD, with varying specifications, which you can check out on the official AMD website. When you are checking out the specifications of laptop computers, note the processor name and browse through its detailed specifications on the AMD website. Any AMD processor with a clocking frequency in excess of 2.5 GHz with dual or quad cores is a good choice for your laptop computer. Combined with 2 to 4 GB of RAM and a good graphic card, you can have the best laptop computer configuration.

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