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Wireless Internet Service for Laptop Computers

Palmira S Oct 8, 2018
Laptop and Internet go hand in hand and complement each other in every possible way. They have become a part and parcel of our every day life. Here is brief information about the wireless Internet service for laptop computers. Read on to know about them.
Laptop, a personal computer, is used for mobile computing and consists of typical desktop components along with a rechargeable battery.
Wireless Internet has networks present around wireless networking. The technology ranges from wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) networking to electromagnetic waves UHF.
For wireless access, make sure that the switch is 'ON'. Plug the adapter into the PC card slot or the USB port. Insert the CD that comes along with the adapter and install the driver according to the instructions.
Visit a Wi-Fi hot-spot and switch on the laptop. After the device finds the wireless connection, it asks your permission for connection. Click 'OK' to connect to the Wi-Fi.
Buy an air-card and install it by sliding it into the slot provided in your laptop. If the laptop finds the Internet connection, it will display a message asking your permission to connect. Click on 'OK' for connecting to the Wi-Fi. With this procedure, you can connect to the Wi-Fi even while driving.
Another way of connecting to the wireless Internet is by installing a wireless network at home. You can install a standard DSL or an Ethernet cable provided by the service provider. Along with standard DSL or Ethernet, a router is installed.
An Ethernet signal is sent to the router by the modem which is then converted into a wireless signal by the router. Lastly, turn on your laptop and check for the message and connect to the Internet.


A laptop can be connected to Internet, if it is in the range of a wireless network. You can easily access Wi-Fi from home as well as from office. It can also be accessed from public places where Wi-Fi hot-spots are present. It can be either free of cost or you have to subscribe to the providers.
Airports, hotels, restaurants, etc., usually provide free hot-spots. With Wi-Fi peer-to-peer connection, it is possible to connect the devices directly to each other. This can be of help in consumer electronics, gaming, etc.


It is devoid of wires which reduces the cost of network deployment and expansion. It is mostly used in places where cables cannot reach, like outdoor areas and historical buildings.
The price of a Wi-Fi chip-set is low which makes it an economical networking option and thus is used widely in corporate infrastructure. Wi-Fi uses complex passwords and encryption techniques which is difficult to break and hence, provides high Internet security as well.
With wireless Internet, you can connect your laptop to the Internet anytime and anywhere and check your mails, transfer images or download your favorite songs and even socialize online.