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Wireless Antenna for Laptop

Rahul Thadani Feb 1, 2019
All laptops have an internal Wi-Fi antenna today, but you can attach an external one on your machine, and make the network connection faster and smoother. Here's how.
A wireless antenna can boost the signal strength of a laptop when it is connecting to a network, and there are various advantages of this. This will enable the machine to connect to the network faster, and also enhance the speed at which the data transfer takes place.
This is an important enhancement for many people who use Wi-Fi extensively, as a stronger antenna strength can make everything faster and smoother.
All laptops that you buy today come with an in-built wireless antenna that catches the signal from any Wi-Fi hotspot nearby. The strength of the connection will obviously depend on the strength of the signal being received from the wireless router.
Other factors, like the distance between the laptop and the router, and the number of walls or steel objects between them, will also play a role in determining the signal strength received.

How to Increase Signal Strength?

If you are facing the problem of a weak signal strength, then there are certain steps you can take that will boost this signal strength received. The importance of getting a stronger signal cannot be emphasized enough, so this will obviously be a beneficial thing. Here are some measures that you can take.
  • Check the settings on the router, and ensure that the transmission is as strong and efficient as possible. This can only be done by someone who is knowledgeable about wireless networking connections.
  • Remove all steel and metallic objects that come between the laptop and the router, as these interfere in the strength of the signal.
  • Make use of one of the many options that you have for wireless Internet antenna boosters.
  • Ensure that there is a clean path from the router to the laptop, and there are no thick walls or electronic devices obstructing this path.
  • Make use of an external antenna. This is something that can be attached to your machine only if the machine supports the hardware.
  • The slot where an add-on antenna can be fitted is known as a SMA jack, and you can check for the presence of this on your machine by referring to the manual of the laptop.

How to Make a Wireless Antenna for a Laptop?

This is a question many people wonder about, and this is certainly not an easy task that anyone can do. To understand you will need to consult someone who knows about networking. Attempting this on your own, based on some DIY (Do It Yourself) manuals online is a bad idea, as you could end up causing some damage to your laptop that could be irreversible.
Consult a technician or take your laptop to a computer repair store for this purpose, and tell them what it is you really want. You will have to choose from a wide pool of such antennas, and the store will help you pick out one that suits your need.
Depending on your complaints and the possible culprits for the low signal strength and wireless router range problems, you will find one that is perfect for your machine, and this will be attached for you for a small cost.
A wireless antenna will boost the signal strength of your machine and will make many tasks over the network far easier to carry out. Additionally, the signal will not keep getting disconnected frequently, and this will smooth out the network connection on the whole for you.