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Windows 7 Movie Maker Features

Omkar Phatak Oct 28, 2018
Get to know about Movie Maker for Windows 7. This new version of the popular software was actually launched as 'Windows Live Movie Maker'. Get updated with newest features.
One of the most popular applications on the Windows platform since Windows Me, Windows XP, and later Windows Vista, the 'Windows Movie Maker' has been entirely revamped and rebuilt from scratch for Windows 7. It is known across different user communities as Windows Movie Maker 7 (codenamed 'Sundance').
The general trend when it comes to releasing new versions of an established software is adding more features besides correcting bugs in the previous versions. Rarely do we find that a new release has been downgraded in terms of features. However, this is exactly what Microsoft has seemingly done, when they recreated and rewrote the Movie Maker from scratch.
Perhaps, that was to keep their flagship OS Windows 7, which has been spruced up by removing a lot of unnecessary and less used applications.
The new version of Movie Maker, is also a result of a radical rethink on the part of Microsoft developers, who have trimmed the less used features. One such feature that was axed, is the 'timeline'. The beta version of this software application was launched in September, 2008, and it was officially launched in August 19, 2009.
A new beta version of Windows Movie maker was launched in June 2010, called 'Wave 4' as an integral part of Windows Live Essentials package.
So here are the new features in Windows Live Movie Maker and how is it really different from the earlier versions.

Features of Windows Live Movie Maker

Photo and Video Import

Importing and adding photos and videos from your computer just became easier with this new version. You can simply drag and drop photos into the program for editing and creating movies. You can also look at the help section that explains everything in detail.

Ribbon Style Interface

The tabbed Ribbon style tool bar has been used in this version. It makes choosing tools and functions a breeze as compared to the earlier versions. It also makes it easy to drag and drop videos and photos into the editing interface thus increasing the usability of this program.

Create High-Definition Movies

This software lets you create high-definition movies at 480, 720 or 1080 pixel screen-resolution. So you can create HD quality movies that can be watched on high resolution monitor screens.

Post Your Videos to YouTube

Creating you own movies and posting it on YouTube is just a click away in the new Movie Maker. You can sign into YouTube through the software and start posting your videos directly from it.

Transfer Movies from Camcorders and Cameras

This application has the facility for importing photos and videos from your camera and camcorder connected through a USB cable connection.

Burn Movies to DVDs

This Movie Maker for Windows 7, allows you to directly burn high-definition videos and movies to DVDs which surely is one of the most useful of its features.

Video Editing and Photo Effects

It comes with a range of movie editing options. It has an 'AutoMovie' option that creates movies for you directly, once you provide the photos, videos and sound tracks. It lets you add visual effects, transitions, titles, captions and credits to movies.
Generally accepted import audio/video formats are, .wmv, .mpg (mpeg), .avi, .mov, .flv, .mp4 (mpeg-4), .mts, .avchd, .wav, .mp3.
Output or export formats are, .wmv, .mov, .mp4, .mp3.

Chroma Key (Green Screen Edit)

Using chroma key (Blue and Green screen), here green screen only, gets you to the places without practically or physically being there. Once you edit the chroma key, you can resize, re-shape and position the subject anywhere in the video, according to your requirement.
The time-line feature has been removed. If you are into serious editing, the earlier versions are still available. The older versions work on Windows 7 while the Windows live Movie Maker only works with Vista and Windows 7.
Thus, with this amazing software, you can enjoy creating home video movies and share them easily with friends and family. It may not be the best video editing software around, but its many new features are more than enough to satisfy the needs of the average user.