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Wi-Fi Antenna Booster

Omkar Phatak Oct 25, 2018
If you are clueless about what are Wi-Fi antenna boosters, then this article will provide you with an idea of what these devices are and how they boost signal strength. Read on to know why you need these devices.
Today, Wi-Fi Internet access is fast gaining popularity, as we enter the 'unplugged' phase of communication technology. This journey, towards an unplugged world, began with the first telegraph and first radio.
Since then, telecommunication technology has not looked back and has shown its versatility, by contributing to every field of technology. Wi-Fi has developed from synergy of wireless communication, computer networking and Internet technology.
It has radically changed the way we connect and communicate. Wi-Fi signal boosters are devices that help in enhancing the signal strength and range of Wi-Fi signals.

The Need For Boosters

A technology that overcomes a problem, also creates new ones of its own. Wireless Internet access liberates us from being encumbered by wires but it does bring in other limitations. The need for Wi-Fi signal boosters arises out of these limitations.
To understand the need for Wi-Fi signal boosters, one must understand the working of Wi-Fi internet. A Wi-Fi connection, made in a local area network, creates a WLAN. Every computer linked in this kind of a network, communicates through electromagnetic signals. There is a radio link between the Wi-Fi router and computers in the network.
This radio link is the problem that gives rise to Wi-Fi technology's limitations. The reason lies is the very nature of electromagnetic radiation. Imagine a sphere encircling the Wi-Fi antenna, fixed on the router.
The signal strength attained, at a point, is dependent on its distance from the wireless router. As the radius of the sphere of connectivity expands, the strength of Wi-Fi signal wanes. In case the Wi-Fi antenna is installed in a house, the signal gets further blocked by walls and the Wi-Fi network shows certain blind spots, where there is no signal.
You may place the Wi-Fi antenna, in such a position, that you get an optimum signal strength in most parts of the house, but still the limitation cannot be remedied entirely. That is where a Wi-Fi signal booster comes in. It can enhance the effective range of an antenna and make the signal reach farther than before.

Using an Antenna Booster to Enhance Signal Strength

There are many ways in which the Wi-Fi antenna signal can be boosted to reach further. One is through the building of a homemade Wi-Fi signal booster. Another way is using custom-made commercial wireless antenna boosters, that increase the coverage range of Wi-Fi transmission substantially.
Homemade antenna signal boosters are made by many people, using resources available on the Internet. There are some websites which offer free design cutouts, for building these Wi-Fi signal boosters. Many people provide information about how to make Wi-Fi signal boosters on personal blogs too.
The idea is to make the signal from a wireless antenna reach further, by changing its geometry, with the help of this booster, attached to it. It acts as a reflector to provide omnidirectional output.
Commercially produced Wi-Fi signal boosters for laptops are also available. These laptop Wi-Fi boosters enhance the reception of the Wi-Fi signal. However, there is a downside to this solution too.
An increase in the range of a wireless router's antenna, using a Wi-Fi signal booster, increases the range of access and invites unauthorized usage of your Internet connection, making it vulnerable. People tend to hack such Wi-Fi connections if they are not encrypted. That's why, be sure that you install sufficient security for your connection.
One of the best boosters is the 'Super Cantenna'. It connects with your laptop's PCMCIA card or a wireless USB device, helping you connect with faraway wireless access point broadcasts. Alternatively, it can also be attached to your wireless access point or router to broadcast Wi-Fi signals over long distances.
Just make sure that you keep in mind, the pitfalls of increasing your Wi-Fi signal range. Make sure you have WPA2, WPA or WEP encryption, to protect your network from hackers and free loaders.